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Official Trainer Thread  StarCrawlers Trainer
lasered  posted on Jul 17, 2016 11:11:34 PM - Report post

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I just wanna make you aware of what’s happening with this title...The other day, I got the e-mail notification about the updated Beta 8 trainer, so I thought I’d give the game another try, as I hadn’t been able to play it, with or without the trainer, due to its crashing when trying to load the starter mission, or the game not even launching. Found that the updated game and trainer were both up to snuff and had a couple happy days getting a few missions into it before they updated the game again. But here’s the thing...the Beta 8 trainer no longer works, it keeps crashing the game, though the game is still playable without the trainer. So we need a new trainer, but I dare not use your trainer update request feature, cuz you might think I’m jumping the gun and penalize my reward credits. So, on the game’s main page here, it looks like we don’t need an updated trainer, but we really do. Lemme nail this down for you by saying that, in the description of the new trainer we need, it should be more specific by saying “Written for the Prolific Pocketmonster v8 - 07.16.2016 version of the game.” Of course, it’s up to the trainer maker whether or not to update it as often as it’s actually needed, but at least they’ll be aware of our need for this.
lasered  posted on Jul 18, 2016 3:49:39 AM - Report post

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This is what happens without a working trainer...Since I have to play the game straight for now, I thought I’d start over, with the Soldier, on Easy difficulty, which this game calls “Story”...yeah, right. Got up to the Bounty Hunt mission, which was said to be a “cakewalk,” doing everything as prudently as possible, and encountered the guy we were looking for when my guy was down some on his health, cuz we hadn’t found any medkits in the rooms we’d explored, and there aren’t any health stations, even in the sick bay. Anyway, the guy we were supposed to terminate had a couple buddies with him, and subsequently called in a few bots to help, which they didn’t even need to wipe my guy out. This is why we need a working trainer...because you can’t play games straight, because the people who make them are incapable of putting themselves in the shoes of someone who doesn’t know everything about the game headin’ into it, so they never learn not to make them ridiculously unbalanced and hard to survive. Of course, there’s no saving during missions, either. Is that because it’s not technically possible or just to be *******s about it?
lasered  posted on Jul 30, 2016 3:13:44 PM - Report post

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They updated the game again, so, if an updated trainer is made, it should now say “Written for the Prolific Pocketmonster v8 - 07.29.2016 version of the game.” Also, I was glad to read this in the latest patch notes:

This will be the last story mission released while StarCrawlers is in development - the final missions will launch with version 1.0. With all of the released story missions available we’ll be switching our focus back to itemization, abilities, and balance.

PWizard  posted on Jul 30, 2016 4:33:03 PM - Report post

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Please use the update notification system to report a game patch, update or to report that the trainer may not be working with the latest version of the game. If 3 or more reports have been filed, consider BOOSTING the priority of this title for a faster turnaround on the updated trainer.
lasered  posted on Aug 03, 2016 12:50:00 PM - Report post

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I did, PWizard---the 1 report so far is from me, and I don’t think you want me to file another report on top of that one. But am I really the only person out there playing this who needs an updated trainer? I wish a couple others would file a report---your system makes it quick and easy. After starting over with this game like 20 times, I think I’ve finally got the hang of it, so it’s really gonna be great the next time we get a working trainer, cuz I’ve recruited all the other crawlers and I’m gonna max out all their abilities first chance I get.
lasered  posted on Sep 02, 2016 3:39:30 AM - Report post

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Thanks very much for the trainer update, which helped me make some progress with this game, but of course we need another one already. Don’t bother with it for a while, though. The need is due to a hero backstories patch that was just assimilated into the game, causing a “Game code not found” popup when you try to activate the new trainer, but, even though this latest patch is dated 08/31/2016, it still says “v8 - 08.27.2016” on my main menu screen, so I’m not gonna file an update request till they patch it again and the date changes, which won’t be long, cuz a couple of issues slipped in with the last patch. In fact, a fix for those is probably only being hampered by the devs being at the PAX convention this week.
moxxdaminotaur  posted on Nov 06, 2016 8:51:04 AM - Report post

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Would like to report that the game version is now v9 - 10.26.2016

Already sent for an update request.

Just posting to let Lasered know there are other people playing this game.


Grintch  posted on Nov 06, 2016 2:29:40 PM - Report post

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I was waiting for this update but the Trainer doesn't work for me, keeps saying the game is not running. I've run through all the troubleshooting with no luck at all.
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