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Some trainer ideas from playing the beta
Caboose666  posted on Jan 17, 2015 11:23:31 AM - Report post

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This has been a very cool game, and I have a few ideas I wish to share that I hope resonate with others anticipating to play singleplayer with cheats.

Hunters (humans):
Infinite Health
Self-explanatory, make your playable hunter invulnerable.
Infinite Team Health
Also self-explanatory, to keep your teammates in the battle healthy and ready.
Inf Clip size, inf power/recharge in gun.
Some guns have clips, they are infinite, but reloading still can be a pain, so infinite clip sizes should take care of that. But other guns, usually your main guns, have reserves which slowly regenerate, like the lightning gun or the medgun, so they could use an endless supply of energy so you can keep on firing that awesome main gun.
Infinite Ability
Support class has cloak ability, Assault has personal shield, One character has Super Human ability (Increased damage and firingrate), another has a speed ability to speed their team up. Would be cool if this ability could run endlessly, and recharge instantly. Medic class heal though not so cool if endless because it paints you with an easy to see green cloud, which would make cloak pretty useless.
On the other hand, with abilities like the orbital barrage, maybe a cooldown reduction is the best choice for human abilities.
Infinite fuel for jetpack
Self-explanatory, jetpack is awesome, but runs out of fuel and recharges so slowly to my taste.
Indestructible generators and power relays, and immortal civilians
This is for when the monster has evolved to level 3 or you are playing one of the Defend or Evacuation modes in which you need to protect structures. Also in Evacuation or Rescue mode, you go around rescuing civilians and escorting them to an evac zone, and it would be nice if you could toggle inf health for these civilians on, and have those power stations indestructible. Important that gamers remember to toggle on/off depending upon what side they wish to play as...

Infinite Health
Infinite Armor
More evolution points
By level 3 your monster can nearly max out the ability points, but not much, so it would be nice if you could actually max out the abilities.
Feeding instantly fills the evolution bar and armor
As a monster feeding is crucial to fill the blue circle which tells you if you have enough to evolve to another stage, and it fills armor. Would be fun if even feeding on one carcass would be enough to instantly fill your armor and allow you to evolve to the next stage.
Infinite stamina
I´m not sure if the monster has stamina, but all the monsters have a special move ability (Goliath jumps, Kraken Flies & Wraith Warps) which is the monsters equivalent to jetpack, but it runs out and recharges slowly, so infinite would be cool.
Instant recharge ability/ability cooldown reduction
All monsters have special abilities, mapped to the keys 1-4, Goliath can breathe fire, throw rock, leapsmash and charge, Kraken and Wraith have their own unique set, these abilities have a cooldown between each use which would be cool to nullify.
Immortal monster Allies and indestructible eggs.
In evacuation mode and some other modes the monster will have a task to defend and hatch eggs, from which NPC allies come, and they staying alive is crucial as well for the success of the monster (other missions also feature monsters on your side, and we are not talking about the normal wildlife, but other goliaths etc), so to have the eggs and subsequent hatched monsters immortal would be cool for these missions. Needless to say the player needs to remember to toggle on/off depending upon which side they wish to play as in these modes.

That´s all I can think of right now, I was toying with an idea to have the monster smell ability range increased and the time the smell info stays longer, but not sure if it works well.
Here´s to waiting to february 10th and what quality trainers CheatHappens provides to the game!

[Edited by Caboose666, 1/17/2015 11:32:57 AM]

[Edited by Caboose666, 1/17/2015 11:33:44 AM]

Raptorgar  posted on Jan 18, 2015 6:25:29 AM - Report post

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yes but with massive AoE abbility like the orbital barrage i would love to see instant recharge / cooldown so like this i could **** the monster up in no time . another thing i would like to see is (aim and tp) like you get up in the sky and you just press a boutton and tp where youre looking at :P . this would be great to get up close with the monster or to escape quick from the hunters . but sir youve got all the best ideas so i raise you my hat
Caliber  posted on Jan 18, 2015 12:03:17 PM - Report post

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we already have a mega trainer in the works with several good options already.. we wont be releasing anything until the game is released

thanks for your other suggestions as well.


Caboose666  posted on Jan 18, 2015 2:30:19 PM - Report post

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Wow, you are great, already working on it to ensure a swift release coinsiding with the game release, awesome!
And nice to hear some of my suggestions resonating

Ooh, Defend mode has monsters with ally goliath npcs attacking human stronghold with power generators and turrets.
Would be cool to there as well toggle health for those.

[Edited by Caboose666, 1/19/2015 2:23:45 PM]

CombatWars  posted on Feb 08, 2015 12:29:37 AM - Report post

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Amazing options but I think out of those you listed, the most I'd use would be inf ammo, fuel, stamina, and abilities. I'd still like to give myself a chance to lose because there's really a limited amount of game types and that inf health/instant evolve might just take out a large portion of the excitement of the hunt

Especially since either team losing will cause the proceeding game to have a special effect that can change the entire gameplay up in Evacuation.


[Edited by CombatWars, 2/8/2015 12:31:41 AM]

Caliber  posted on Feb 08, 2015 6:15:56 PM - Report post

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keep in mind that most of this wont work ONLINE or in MULTIPLAYER.. so if you are looking for MULTIPLAYER cheats for this game, we wont have them


abufhad  posted on Feb 09, 2015 6:10:52 AM - Report post

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thanks & I agree with that
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