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Saturday Morning RPG Trainer
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  Saturday Morning RPG Trainer
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    PWizard posted on Jan 02, 2015 6:42:31 PM - Report post

    Options (Trainer)

    Numpad 1: Freeze Health
    Numpad 2: Freeze Mana

    Options (Editor)

    Edit: Player Health
    Edit: Player Magic
    Edit: Active Defense Mod
    Edit: Player Strength
    Edit: Player Speed
    Edit: Player Defense
    Edit: Attacks Queued
    Edit: Cur Damage
    Edit: Total Defends
    Edit: Total Attacks
    Edit: Total Money
    Edit: Num Defeated
    Edit: Num In Battle
    Edit: Total Multi Taps
    Edit: Player Max M P
    Edit: Player Max H P
    Edit: Experience Bonus
    Edit: Paralysis Seq
    Edit: Awesome Start Sequence
    Edit: Choice Made
    Edit: Stepper
    Edit: Battle Started
    Edit: Processing
    Edit: Choices Toggled
    Edit: Got Defend Bonus
    Edit: Defense Bonus Was Gotten
    Edit: Just Processed
    Edit: Process Marty
    Edit: Got Experience
    Edit: Sticker Initialized
    Edit: Won Battle
    Edit: Cur Targ I D
    Edit: Total Ticks
    Edit: Multi Loc
    Edit: Introcounter
    Edit: Sns Timer
    Edit: Sns Mode
    Edit: Cur Sticker Index
    Edit: Attack Bonus
    Edit: Dead
    Edit: Death Timer Elapsed
    Edit: Death Timer
    Edit: Total Defense Percent
    Edit: Total Attack Percent
    Edit: Multiplier
    Edit: Counter
    Edit: Count Tap
    Edit: Aura Stage
    Edit: Aura Set
    Edit: Aura Active
    Edit: Alt Music
    Edit: Allow Alt Unpause
    Edit: Time Since Win
    Edit: End Initialized
    Edit: Dam Rating
    Edit: Def Rating
    Edit: Spd Rating
    Edit: Total Experience
    Edit: Hijack
    Edit: Voltron Num
    Edit: Night Battle
    Edit: Attack Initiated
    Edit: Aura Processed
    Edit: Override Multi
    Edit: Multi Bonus
    Edit: Def Camera Pos
    Edit: Def Camera Rot
    Edit: Multi Displayed
    Edit: Status Effect Active
    Edit: Charging
    Edit: Aura Wait
    Edit: Num Status Effects
    Edit: Col Hold
    Edit: Acid
    Edit: Cardboard Box
    Edit: Stickers Scratched
    Edit: Healing Mod
    Edit: Experience Mod
    Edit: Money Mod
    Edit: First Step
    Edit: Lowest Speed
    Edit: Allow Defeat
    Edit: Tutorial Battle
    Edit: Objects Displayed
    Edit: Times Burned
    Edit: Delay Hijack Return
    Edit: Hijack Process
    Edit: Hijack Delay
    Edit: Hijack Timer
    Edit: Num Transformed Enemies
    Edit: Sneak Attack
    Edit: Targeted Special
    Edit: Is Endless
    Edit: Between Waves
    Edit: Turns As Of Last Wave
    Edit: Num In Battle As Of Last Wave
    Edit: Crane Kick Distance
    Edit: Has Crane Kick
    Edit: Crane Kick Uses Left
    Edit: Crane Kick Active
    Edit: Crane Kicked
    Edit: Timer
    Edit: Kick Seq
    Edit: Crane Kick Power
    Edit: Kick Kill
    Edit: Kick Normal
    Edit: Played Kick Anim
    Edit: In Range
    Edit: Cant Miss
    Edit: Kicked Too Late
    Edit: Use Def Cam Rot
    Edit: Def Start Seq Pos
    Edit: Num4th Option Uses
    Edit: Crane Kicking Is Allowed
    Edit: Sudden Death
    Edit: Cancel Button Override
    Edit: Recently Used Item Id
    Edit: Cur Charge


    Customize Hotkeys
    Select the hotkey you want to change and press your desired key or key combination.
    To reset all hotkeys at once toggle 'Use Controller' twice. Controller hotkeys are not customizable.

    Double click on a value to open the inline editor. Simple type your desired value and press return key.
    Pressing SPACE key will freeze the current value which indicates a 'X' symbol next to the description.
    The category 'TYPE' is showing you how the value is stored in the memory. For more information visit:

    Controller Support
    Open 'Controller HowTo' tab at the trainer interface for a detailed instruction on how to use a controller.
    Don't forget to activate 'Use Controller' at the main page.

    The trainer requires .NET framework 4.5 or above.
    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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