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Divinity: Original Sin. Impressions.
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    V_Varzov posted on Aug 08, 2014 5:02:12 AM - Report post
    Assessing the duration of Divinity: Original Sin and the number of reviews written on it, I'm just going to share the first impressions of the game. Long time did not go standing RPG, and even more CRPG in the classical sense.

    It is unlikely that Dragon Age can truly be considered the successor to Baldur's Gate, as was proudly declared in Bioware, but just the same child from Larian Studios looks the most advantageous from this perspective. Previous experiments have not met with much success, but this time, returning to the origins of the genre RPG, even in the 2014th year, when it is so simple and uncomplicated popular games, Divinity has found its audience and immediately went to her "you".

    We start our game, of course, with the creation of the character. Or rather, the whole two. Here you are given to choose whatever class and appearance, and if you want to delve into the performance and skills of your characters right now, then you have the ability to change those standard that are available for your chosen class.

    For players who are used to press the "New Game" and immediately get into it without burdening themselves with additional difficulties, and even more detailed customization of each performance, the game may not seem easy.

    Impressed by the recent series Fargo (2014) and playing a major role, Billy Bob Thornton, my male character looks like, as far as possible, just did it. But at the same time and has the same name - Lorne. But at the same time try to recreate and deputy sheriff Molly. As far as we allow you to play ...

    While you are creating your characters, the game sounds beautiful soundtrack that continues to delight you when the game starts immediately. You find yourself on the beach, not far from the city, which is taken in the siege ships orcs. Bright colors are full of splendor, inviting you to go further and explore the world! For a long time I have not seen a game that you would cling atmosphere from the start with nothing except the musical accompaniment and a pleasant sandy beach.

    Yes, the game had the start-up, but I would not say that the plot - it is a strong point of the game. Ie if you want to understand why this game is so fun and popular among the community, then here look just not worth it.

    Moving inland, you will find the body of the poor man who wanted to fly, but before flying to the sun, I decided to jump off a cliff to make sure their abilities. Then the game Marina finds you by surprise and offers a dialogue between the two newly created characters.

    One gets the impression that you are talking to yourself. But the deal, definitely interesting, in this way, the characters and the characters appear. The game allows you to act out the role, even in private.

    Strolling on relaxing music, you first meet the enemy. Necromancers run out of the dungeon and run away, but one of them calls upon the three skeletons, before disappearing. Trying to understand the combat system, archer Molly, did not meet my expectations, shoots for the first time in the stairs, and in the Torah in stone. Too hardcore mechanics! But the brave knight Lorna makes her sort out the evil spirits of hard knocks two-handed sword. Fight, by the way, is a classic turn-based system with points of action that you have to spend on movement or attack.

    Overcoming the obstacle, you find yourself in the first dungeon in which you are waiting for wonderful sensations: danger and lust for awards. Prevent you can trap poisonous clouds, raging fire and for each problem has its own subtle solution. Each trap can deal in different ways: to extinguish the fire spell to shoot a bow in a barrel with water, blow a poison cloud in any way, including a fire. From receiving awards you sometimes separates the locked chest, but it can simply be spread apart your great sword, though for it then have to pay when repairing.

    Boss dungeons - the ancient skeleton, and you expect someone else? However, he is in no hurry to kill you, but first shares his story and then getting ready to tear you to pieces. But as we know, the skeletons do not like to die, so as soon as his bones crumble to the ground, he immediately returned as a ghost. Having dealt with all threats, we go outside, where we are waiting for just one more little adventure.

    Hearing the voice sounded from the coast, you will find there a huge conch shell ... talking. She asks her to a favorite sea and she will reward you. Doing exactly as you asked, from the sea to you jump out a chest of gold and boots in it. I wonder where he got seashells shoes?

    Continuing to explore the coast, we meet two drunken guards, with whom you can fight, but you can just agree that they missed you. But passing by them, we find ourselves on the battlefield between disembarking orcs headed person. Strange, is not it?

    And defeating these obnoxious greenskin we finally go to the city, where we joyfully welcome, because we are here to help every NPC in town! It is time to seek the tavern, because that is where we are waiting for the best adventure?

    And to find out what really awaits us in the next game, I suggest you try yourself into the world of Divinity: Original Sin and share your experiences!
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