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witcher 2 v3.4
Jaks  posted on Jul 04, 2014 1:05:39 PM - Report post

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I truly do feel your pain on this. When I myself went looking for this 'Hotfix' I found the same quagmire of seemingly unrelated patches to what I was looking for that you did.. That's one reason I try to stay 'Mainstream' much as I can. Iow, for me, that means Steam most of the time, sometimes GOG, rarely Origin or retail CD. I know CH will usually make a trainer for the main versions.

Where did you get your game from? Sounds like you have info on Steam and other versions, you own more than one copy? I guess I'm confused how you know what version info Steam's game has but you sound like you're not using Steam?

Something I've done when I see a post from a user and I can't find or get info for it, I'll PM them directly and ask. Seriously now, not being a smart arse or trying to offend. Look at the last like 3-4 pages of the main trainer thread. Two users (that posted) sound like they've used the Hotfix in question:

ShadowConDoin and machine4578.

Look at their messages, see if you agree. Then 'PM' them and ask. See where they got their Hotfix. Worst case, they don't reply. But I've had good response in the past doing that. Most people here are good folks and genuinely like to help. You might even PM Caliber and ask for more info about the Hotfix.

Keep in mind what Caliber said, they just can't make a trainer for every version out there plus keep them all updated. The first three trainers are pretty much it right now for this game.

I hope you can get things sorted out, I believe the game is one of the best games out there and I'm still playing it.

kbernstar  posted on Jul 04, 2014 11:50:18 PM - Report post

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I bought my version (along with Witcher 1) from GOG because I found out GOG was started by the company that makes this game (CD Projekt Red) so I figured i'd support them fully since I liked the game and their approach to no-DRM (all the games on GOG, I think have no DRM).

The info I have come from actually having done the legwork. I'm not the standard forum poster that will just post a complaint after running into an issue. I read through the official CDPR forums to find out what the game version was supposed to be and got the MD5 hashes from the last 2 pages of the trainer thread so I had something to go on since user foresight was also using a non-Steam version.

With playing around with the various versions and patches, i'm able to get a trainer to work (trainer #2 with the Gamer's Edition 3.4 patch from the official CDPR patch download page). I'm not able to find any GOG/Retail patch that can function with trainer #1 despite trainer #1 being labelled as being for the GOG/Retail version. Both variants (the most up to date patches on the official site) don't work with trainer #1 and one of them actually will crash to desktop if I try. I cannot find any patch that will get me to version and i'm not about to randomly apply hotfixes to find out if any of them do because to revert it, I have to uninstall the entire game and redo the process all over again to go back to the version that works with trainer #2.

I'm interested to know how Caliber/PWiz developed trainer #1 for the GOG version when I can't find that version from any official channel. The launcher doesn't autoupdate to it. The official patches on the Witcher 2 support page don't update to it. And the download from GOG which, if you download it straight up gives you the most up to date version, doesn't give you that version either.

I understand them not wanting to develop trainers for multiple variants of the game. I'm actually annoyed that they have multiple variants of the same version number. I'm just wondering where or what version trainer #1 is supposed to support when none of the ones from the developer work with it.

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Jaks  posted on Jul 05, 2014 12:51:00 AM - Report post

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So you're up and running then on #2? You could still PM ShadowConDoin and machine4578 and/or Caliber if you want. See what patch from where got them going with that first trainer that Caliber recently made.

As I posted before, if you have any problems using the trainer in the tutorial, either skip the tutorial (or use it then restart with a new game) or don't use the trainer until the main story starts. That comes from me doing it and finding out the hard way.

What happens is at the end of the tutorial, they send some waves of bad guys at you. Then depending on how well you do against them, that sets your difficulty for the main game.

kbernstar  posted on Jul 05, 2014 4:06:18 AM - Report post

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Yeah, I find that trainer #2 works on one of the variants of the

I'm just extremely curious as to what trainer #1 is supposed to support. It's listed as supporting the 3.4 Enhanced Edition for GOG + Retail but clearly it doesn't support any of the official versions of the game that you can get downloaded from GOG, through the launcher's autoupdate, or from CD Projekt Red's support page for Witcher 2 that lists the official patches from 3.3 upwards.

From what I can tell, there is no trainer that supports the official patch listed as "3.4.1" on the page despite it having been published in August 2013. So the updated trainer #1 doesn't correspond with that trainer at all. Stepping one patch down, trainer #1 causes the game to CTD. That's what has me curious.

I'd figure that the trainers would at least be written for the official patches on the developer's site rather than some random hotfix or even worse, a third party noCD piracy hotfix.

I sent them PMs to find out what hotfix they're using but haven't received a response.

[Edited by kbernstar, 7/5/2014 4:10:02 AM]

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