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tommygunner70  posted on May 04, 2014 12:20:25 AM - Report post

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Yep you read the title correctly. Multiplayer.

An amazing team of intrepid developers have taken it upon themselves to create a multilayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2

its taken them a while but finally there is an open Alpha release.
Allowing you to drive with other people in convoys.

problems I've encountered:

* traffic; Currently there is no AI traffic in the Multiplayer. only player driven trucks. not really a problem but still good to know.

* congestion; I've often entered a freight yard that was literally packed with people. there is only one cargo drop off spot and a few trailers. everyone wanting to drop off their cargo first. Also sometimes when you go and pick some cargo up. someone else would have selected another trailer and it would spawn on the spot where you are pulling out off. it will either flip you into the air or push you into the ground.

* Number plates; Number plates aren't synchronized. also the number plates you can have on the dash of your cab will bug out showing text that isn't yours.

* people can't drive!; everyone from experienced drivers to little GTA kids are in there. some obey the traffic laws to a T and the others just plainly don't going a whopping 100 KPH within city limits, running red lights and then giving you lip if they crash into you when you had the right of way.

limitations at the time of posting this:

For one there are no float text above peoples names so you mostly have to identify people by make and color of truck.

'Y' is the chat key but you will lose control of your truck while typing even if you are using a steering wheel like I am.

'Tab' will open up a status window showing you names and ping.

You are required to have ETS2 on Steam. And a steam account is needed to download the Alpha.

When you play ETS2MP it will use your steam name in the server, regardless of your ETS2 profile name.

You can get the Multiplayer Modification from Link

Happy driving and hope to see you out there..

ServiusTheBear  posted on May 04, 2014 3:35:26 AM - Report post

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Hello. I have been on the MP since its release.

They have been doing alot of changes to the MP.

1. I beleve that has been removed for a reason. As it is frustrating on its own.

2. Congestion All towns and Cities including depo's are Non Collission. So no more getting smashed into while docking or other peoples trailers damaging your trailer and truck as they accept a job.

3. They said that number plates and tags will be sortted in one of the following updates.

4. Sadly what do you expect. It did appear last night people where being kiccked from the server for not playing right.

5. Float text is coming soon in one of the updates.

6. Y for chat locking up steering no matter what you use. I do not knnow if this is being sorted.

7. Tab shows you who is in your sector. Not all of the 2000 to 3000 people on the server at once.

As for requirements. Please note that you must download it yourself as you are Steam ID is taged to it. So anyone else will not be able to authenticate and get on if you are on and vice a versa.

Trumpster81  posted on May 21, 2014 4:20:09 PM - Report post

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I want to join the MP game IF and only if, the drivers don't drive like jerks, I go on ETS 2 to drive as if I'm really driving a 18 wheeler.. I even have a steering wheel and pedals.. I am not fond of GTA style driving in a simulator.
ServiusTheBear  posted on May 21, 2014 4:55:23 PM - Report post

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Well so far I only came accross a few twits that tried to ram me. But other than that. Its all good. One thing I will note that 1.10 of ETS2 will not work with 1.03 of the MP.
tommygunner70  posted on May 21, 2014 6:59:22 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Johnny5clowna

I want to join the MP game IF and only if, the drivers don't drive like jerks, I go on ETS 2 to drive as if I'm really driving a 18 wheeler.. I even have a steering wheel and pedals.. I am not fond of GTA style driving in a simulator.

Yeah I play with a Logitech G27 and well, there is a host of GTA drivers out there. What I've encountered so far:

*Wrong way driver, mostly see it going in and out of England. people forgot that in England you drove on the other side of the road. and coming back, they are so used to driving on the left that they keep at it when entering Europe.

*Truck Racer, little kids who doesn't know inertia or that releasing the 'go' button/gas pedal doesn't mean they will automatically stand still. Generally they have the Truck speed limiter turned off and are driving 125+ Kph while approaching city limits (50~70 Kph) and then moan/whine at you when they fail to make a turn and slam into your side, or they rear end you for whatever reason, all because 'you would not get out of their way while you should clearly have seen them coming' thinking that superior speed automatically gives them the right of way.

*Grandpa Driver, so most drivers use a European cabin with the steering wheel on the left of the truck and the dials showing Kph.. When entering England, the signs beside the road exiting city limits often show 50 or 60. And they will drive that amount in Kph. Funny enough, in England they use Mph not KPH. Not hard to Calculate roughly: Mph + 20 = Kph. This isn't accurate of course but accurately enough that you don't make yourself look like grandpa driving slow and you won't get a ticket either for speeding.

*Chatter kid, so pressing the Y key lets you chat to people. sadly you loose all control over your truck, no matter what your control method is. Chatter kid sees a chat message, wants to respond but doesn't want to risk crashing his rig. So he slamms on the breaks, maybe even turn the wheel so he ends up near the emergency lane, and goes to happily type his trivial message. the problem? well more often then not they end up standing right in the middle of the road, or seeing as they are not towing a trailer behind them its impossible for you who is towing a trailer to stop in time. they start chatting hate to you. "You idiot, you collided with me! learn how to drive noob" just to quote one such driver whom I had the misfortune of encountering in a small impromptu convoy. you type a message back saying that he should slam on the brakes in the middle of the road, while he tries to drive off. having said your reply you try to get underway again. but the moment you do and are once again behind the chatter kid, he reads your message and does it all over again. slamming on the breaks in the middle of the road just to reply "STFU" then giving you more grief because you have once again rear ended him.

*Tail Gator, normally you keep about a two seconds distance between yourself and the vehicle in-front of you to give yourself ample time to react. Tail Gator doesn't, so when you start to brake for a turn or a traffic light, no matter how hard or soft you are breaking, Tail Gator has no time to react and slams into you. And of course as with Truck Racer and Chatter Kid, they give you lip for something that is their own fault.

*King of the road, all cities are no collision zones for more then one reason. Some of the less serious drivers take this as a indication that traffic laws do not apply to them. the primary grievance I have with the self proclaimed king of the road is that they continue to disregard traffic laws until the no collision zone ends... sadly a number of times this happened while they were driving right inside of me. short result? max damage to both our rigs and cargo as he are literally launched several hundred feet into the air. and of course it as always your fault according to them.

Most times the Moderators and Admins ban these people who have been reported to drive as such.
Best way to avoid all this is to hook up with one of the moderators/admins, like StuartD, who sometimes organize convoys as they have zero tolerance for the above mentioned idiots, if encountered.

[Edited by tommygunner70, 5/21/2014 7:02:07 PM]

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