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Easy HL2 editing tricks:
Caboose666  posted on Apr 12, 2014 6:31:33 AM - Report post

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So, I thought I'd share here some of my working easy cheats for HL2, and these work for episode 1 & 2, and Hl source, and any mods.
The Skill.cfg is what we are focusing on. There is the Scripts folder with weapons in which editing the clip size is fun, but adding/editing a default_clip line with something high like 999 is what makes ammo pickups fairly unlimited.
But back to our Skill.cfg file in the cfg folder.
Here are some interesting lines:
sk_barney_health "999999"
sk_citizen_health "999999"
sk_vortigaunt_health "999999"
sk_vortigaunt_armor_charge "99999"
sk_vortigaunt_armor_charge_per_token "9999"

Those will make your friendlies pretty immortal, also the last about armor charge is to supercharge your suit.
The sk_max_ lines all make it so that you can carry more ammo. The sk_plr_dmg_ line is also pretty self-explanatory: how much damage you make.
sk_airboat_drain_rate "1"
sk_airboat_max_ammo "999"
sk_airboat_recharge_rate "99"

The above will make the airboat machine gun a lot of fun!
sk_ammo_qty_scale1 "999"
sk_ammo_qty_scale2 "99"
sk_ammo_qty_scale3 "9"

The above will increase the ammo given (per difficulty level).
sk_dmg_take_scale1 "0"
sk_dmg_take_scale2 "0"
sk_dmg_take_scale3 "0"

The above will make you virtually immortal (still some places like being crushed or drowning will kill you, but the buddha code will keep you alive even without sv_cheats turned on)
player_throwforce "9999"
This one is fun: it will make throwing stuff at enemies actually hurt and kill them (putting 99999 works too, and will kill npc pretty much instantly as you throw stuff at them).
Now this is you throwing, not with the gravity gun, but picking up with the "E" key and then tossing with primary attack (Mouse1).
There are more, but I'm feeling lazy in describing them, so I'll just copy from my Skill.cfg file:

sk_suitcharger "9999"
sk_suitcharger_citadel "9999"
sk_suitcharger_citadel_maxarmor "9999"
sk_battery "9999"
sk_healthcharger "9999"
sk_healthkit "9999"
sk_healthvial "9999"

// player damage adjusters
sk_player_head "0.01"
sk_player_chest "0.01"
sk_player_stomach "0.01"
sk_player_arm "0.01"
sk_player_leg "0.01"

// Allies
sk_ally_regen_time "0.01"

// Jeep
sk_max_gauss_round "9999999"

//Was 7
sk_plr_num_shotgun_pellets "14"
//Was 2, 10
sk_weapon_ar2_alt_fire_duration "4"
sk_weapon_ar2_alt_fire_radius "20"

sk_autoaim_scale1 "2"
sk_autoaim_scale2 "2"
sk_allow_autoaim "1"
sk_autoaim_mode "1"
autoaim_max_dist "99999"

//Was 190
hl2_normspeed "220"
//Was 320
hl2_sprintspeed "355"
//Was 150
hl2_walkspeed "175"

//Was 1500
physcannon_maxforce "2250"
//Was 250
physcannon_maxmass "400"
//Was 8000
physcannon_mega_pullforce "9999"
//Was 850
physcannon_mega_tracelength "1250"
//Was 700
physcannon_minforce "1000"
//Was 4000
physcannon_pullforce "5500"
//Was 250
physcannon_tracelength "400"

Note, once youve either added these into your skill.cfg file, or edited the existing ones to look something like what I've described above, you dont have to do anything else: The skill.cfg file stays as you edited it and the game reads it automatically - So it's a one time edit and play for the rest with your desired results!
That's it, hope this was some use for you!

PETIMAN  posted on May 05, 2014 5:03:54 PM - Report post

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Sorry im a free user , just wanted to know if this would block achievements , thnxs.

Caboose666  posted on May 06, 2014 12:36:29 PM - Report post

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originally posted by PETIMAN

Sorry im a free user , just wanted to know if this would block achievements , thnxs.

Will not block achievements! I have tried and played through HL2 and the episodes, getting achievements with my modded Skill.cfg file, having values like the ones listed above, plus the "Buddha" console command which does not demand "sv_cheats" turned on.
Hope that was clear.

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