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Hope he will be good
Drenus  posted on Sep 15, 2015 10:11:09 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Baxianus

Ok i finished it and i can say no more than 55-65/100 from me.

This i s good game but not even remotely great,

1* Poor AI, and heavily scripted camps make dismatling them just boring after couple times. You can stay in the open just before invisible line to trigger AI to attack you. You fight in some kind of arenas, couple enemies at once and then nothing. Fights are "mashing X button and sometimes Y" fests.
Oh yeah, there is sometimes A also ... all boses (top dogs) are brothers i think, they look exactly the same, fight in same style, have same moves and even finishing scenes are exactly the same for them.

2* Weapons, well you have on your whole car enough space to keep 5 bullets to your sniper rifle, and with all this stuff you have with you, you still can carry just 5 or 6 shotgun shells with fully upgraded ammo belt ?? WTF ?!? And Sniper rifle mounted on car only ?? SERIOUSLY !? What with sniper rifles used by enemies, that would be difficult to allow us to take those ?

3* Melee, well i think Max is some kind of a complete idiot, he can broke shiv in an instant. Enemies can attack you with their shivs all the time, but Max grab it and BAM, one time use only. Same with other mele weapons, you can turn on infinite life otion on trainer and see how enemies beat the s...t out of you with their clubs, but grab one yourself, BAM it will break after couple hits.

4* Repetitive, every territory is exactly the same, dismantle camps, gather scrap, destroy scarecrows/snipers or minefields [this one is hilarious]. In every stronghold people are starving and die of thirst, why ? Becouse Max need to build all the needed projects like oil well, or maggot farm. SERIOUSLY ?? HOW THEY SURVIVED THEN !!?
That makes game just plain boring, after half of the map cleared of Scrotus's threat, i just decided to go straight to gasstown and finish this game as soon as possible, no more side quests.

5* Bugs, those are annoying ones. Like dissapearing map, or unresponsive controls (you can look around but can't walk, fight, pause game, select map, nothing works) only way is to let someone kill you or restart game)
I forgot how many times i died becouse my car hit some invisible barrier/obstacle on the road, and spinning like cue ball, fall from cliff.

This is my, and only my point of view, You don't need to agree with it.

P.S. Sorry for my english.

really can't agree with this verdict

1. the ai is no worse than in other games of its type, Batman series has the same, Shadow of mordor also, you block and counterattack, till either they're dead, or you're dead

2. well, this is the end of the world and so on, so ammo being scarce is a good thing, and it also makes you explore more as a sideeffect (or simply fast travel to forts for free ammo refill), also, its game balance and lets be honest, if it had been reversed, you would be complaining about having 50000 bullets and so on

3. Game balance again, nothing else to say there

4. Same as every other game in the genre, Mad Max doesn't improve nor detract in this area, personally, i love all the side stuff, i got 55 hours into the game, and i only just reached Gastown

5. 55 hours, i never seen neither of those mentioned bugs, nor have i encountered any bugs at all, i can see it from your side tho, games run perfectly for some, and for others, every possible problem pops up

in my view, Mad max is easily a contender for GOTY, and yes i said that, even with Metal gear in mind

wasn't at all what i expected, was quite frankly just expecting another film to game adoption, which would crash and burn

Ska_Punker  posted on Sep 19, 2015 7:55:44 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Drenus

as with any game, that was made to be tied in with some big triple A hollywood movie, this will suck badly, mark my words

i have played for 25 years, and i have yet to see a movie to game transfer that was good

I have played for 25 years aswell,

And i must say that GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 was magnificent Movie to Game adaptation !!!

but other than that i have to agree, there are no other good movie to game adaptations !!!

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