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Official Trainer Thread  Divinity: Original Sin Trainer
Paknight  posted on Feb 04, 2014 8:51:52 AM - Report post

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All but exp works for me too
Fullerjamesl  posted on Feb 04, 2014 9:05:57 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Paknight

How do u split gold or other stacks?

Shift + Left Click if I remember correctly.

jackbig  posted on Feb 14, 2014 9:41:59 AM - Report post

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took 2 weeks but they came up with a new patch

part 1:

16:26Alpha Update V 1.0.143 - February 14th 2014
Community Announcements - DeathKnight
Hi all!

We know it's been two weeks, but of course we haven't been sitting on our hands or anything. Here's a big update! Below is the full changelist.

If you've played the previous version, the most important thing to know is that the effects of some primary stats have changed, and also the way Action Points are being calculated. We are introducing the affection and affinity system, the combat log, and some more character creation options. The inventory UI has tabs to filter through your items. Map markers will show the locations you have discovered, and feedback, tooltips and mouse cursors have been improved. Oh yeah, robes are no longer invisible...

- Physics fixes for objects
- Stub item replacements (whetstone, chest, door, mine, tombstone)
- New icons and portraits
- New effects
- Spiders

CODE and UI:
- Character creation changes: Can change gender, name, icon, colors, hair
- Stats changes (see list @ swen)
- Added tabs to inventory / trade window
- A lot of savegame fixes
- Fixed a lot of network connection problems
- Stability fixes
- Added combat log
- Starting equipment gets added to skillbar at start of game
- Fixed problems concerning cooperative dialogs
- Introduced party experience
- Changed some music tracks
- Added more feedback to most skills
- Removed penalties on stances
- Added more tutorials messages
- Map markers are added to worldmap now when entering buildings
- Item splitter is always shown during trading now
- Added robes
- Fixed wrong displaying of values on certain statusses
- Fixed values on a lot items
- Added anisotropic filtering to graphic settings
- Added "round-robin" quicksaves / autosaves
- Fixed rotation for players in a dialog
- Cannot use phoenix dive to teleport to not visible areas
- Items can not be thrown in water annymore
- Fixed issues with prices during bartering
- Initiating dialogs is not allowed during combat now
- Fixed infinite loop in multistrike skill
- NPC health and position are reset when fleeing combat
- Dialogs can be started now while sitting
- Fixed issue where summons would incorrectly join combat
- Added tooltips to icons on minimap
- Added more feedback when movement fails due to distance or lack of action points
- Automatic resurrection has been disabled
- Changed movement preview in combat to better show path
- Added a lot more sound events
- Dialog options can be selected using the numeric keyboard
- Rightclicking on player portraits opens inventory now
- Double click on portraits centers camera
- Fixed issue with player portraits not always reacting to clicks
- Added status icons to enemy healthbar
- Fixed issue where a container in your inventory could not be opened
- Fixed heal and summon skills to correctly level now
- Added better zoom method to camera
- Added much clearer feedback to UI after a level up
- Items in shroud do not show tooltips anymore
- Depth of field is based on camera distance

jackbig  posted on Feb 14, 2014 9:43:17 AM - Report post

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took 2 weeks but they came up with a new patch

part 2:

- New sound effects
- Bossfight at the bottom of the Black Cove
- Added Affinity and affection
- Added New dialog options for lore
- Skill balancing
- Skills have a difficulty/power indication now (Novice, Scholar, Sage, Master, Grandmaster, Divine)
- Buffs don't stack anymore
- Loot drop balancing
- Gold drop balancing
- Fixed prices of arrows, scrolls, skillbooks...
- Fish and mushrooms have names now
- Changed effects of food
- Lighthouse Horror fight changes
- Friendly dog fight changes and context
- More enemies are wandering and patrolling now
- Giant Orc now shoots fire bolts like he should
- Wizard preset wears robe now at the start
- Robes have a visual now
- Skillbooks also require INT score now
- Staffs are always magical and require INT
- Summons don't drop loot
- Some barrels contain water, other contain loot, never both
- Cleaned up treasure table
- Enemies don't cheat anymore: their spells require Action Points too, and enemies will skip turns to save up Action Points
- Gave enemies resistances, willpower...

- Ninnius dialog has no speakers defined
- AI Grid fixes
- Strange dialog behavior with Thelyron in Cyseal Church
- If stuck in trap platform in Black Cove without a Star Stone -> should give you a message "GAME OVER"
- Septimus dialog: after asking about Jake's death, you don't get the evidence options
- stealing - when you take an item in a shop, the keeper should stop you and it should show in his sell inventory
- Cyseal starter crab fight: if you charm the Crab Matriach, the Underlings also become friendly to you
- When Esmeralda accuses Evelyn of being involved in Jake's murder, there is no journal update
- Evelyn's Pouch cannot be opened
- Elemental weapons crash the game
- Cyseal Cook: "Chicken" event happens multiple times when running in & out the kitchen
- When you click on a waypoint in combat, the message says "you cannot go to the homestead while in combat"
- Orc shaman is casting heals on friendlies when it is not his turn
- Waypoint Shrine at northern Cyseal beach -> not usable but has portal graphics effect
- Nearly every lever or button you pull that causes a trigger makes chars say "Hm, wonder what that did"
- Wulfram escort quest: the guy is scared to death but has no problem trying to throw fisticuffs at undead
- Regenerate heals for too low
- When you take the talent "Pyromancer", you can put 1 more point in Fire Elementalist
- It sucks that in multiplayer, I cannot use waypoint shrines on my own to travel across cyseal
- All the Mausolea at Cyseal Church say "Here lies..."
- Wolves at lighthouse say "Prepare to die" each time you hit them with anything
- Fight at the Lighthouse /w wolves -> if you kite them to the legionnaires, they do nothing
- Infinite XP bug caused by companions
- Destroying objects with a companion does not trigger further reactions after the first one
- Dialog entry line from Thelyron -> logic issue
- Need tutorial about CTRL button for more info on enemies
- When Arhu shapeshifts, his inventory gets re-filled
- Need more feedback during combat about whats going on
- Skeletons have been added near the gate of Cyseal again, this causes Zixzax to aggro
- Cyseal - fight at lighthouse is not challenging
- Cultist at Evelyn's lab has incorrect display name
- Community: stance skills are nearly useless the way they are now
- Cyseal - fight at scarecrow NW of cyseal should have bigger explosion radius (and bombers too)
- Summoned Elementals should appear at the same character level as the caster is
- Cyseal - burial mounds quest - the tips should be posted on plaques on the wall instead of notes you can pick up
- Billeh Gahr trigger happens constantly, his trap does nothing & his model doesnt appear
- Cyseal - burial mounds quest needs more feedback about what is happening
- Inside the crime scene room in Cyseal Inn -> the fire should be smoldering, not active
- Can use the teleporter pyramids during combat, once ported away, combat ends
- Warrior: Start with "Stun" skill, then bought "Stun" skill and could learn it, again
- Winterblast/Winterbreath does not leave behind a surface of ice
- Tornado does very low damage and the damage break-off is unpredictable
- Leather bracers called "Leather Gloves" by mistake
- All the crabs in Black Cove can't fight for the moment
- Cyseal - cute dog encounter seems misplaced
- Black Cove: Source Abomination (bossfight) can be charmed, it shouldnt be probably
- Can't trade, every shopkeeper is insulted.
- The orcs on the beach are attacking the shaman

[Edited by jackbig, 2/14/2014 9:48:26 AM]

AxellSlade  posted on Feb 14, 2014 10:42:22 AM - Report post

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A new version is probably being uploaded already, as the current trainer is reporting it is outdated.
fenikske  posted on Feb 14, 2014 10:44:13 AM - Report post

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Cheers guys for the trainer for this promising game

I just hope that you guys don't get discouraged since the game is in early access and probably will still change alot till the official release.

0x90  posted on Feb 14, 2014 11:52:59 AM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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Seriously? The patch was a complete rewritten game, I need to start from scratch...
glyth  posted on Feb 14, 2014 12:12:27 PM - Report post

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originally posted by 0x90

Seriously? The patch was a complete rewritten game, I need to start from scratch...

rewitten the game? so theres more content?0.0 and not notes to add a book system?

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