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What is your top ten games for 2013
ServiusTheBear  posted on Jan 01, 2014 4:09:32 AM - Report post

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After seeing the top ten games 2013 article. (Link)

I felt that some of the games there did not feel like they should have been there. So I felt like just doing this thread to see what the CH Community feels about the list and give what they feel their top ten is in theri veiw. So here is mine.

10. X Rebirth,
Now as much as I love the X Series. Rebirth is still in the top ten line for me even with the bugs. This is because I believe they will sort the issues out as I feel egosoft actually listen to the gamers. So it is in 10th place.

09. Company of Heroes 2,
The next CoH in the series. This is a fun game for strat players I have to say. But it did lack on story a little. But certainly worth playing. So it takes 9th place.

08. Tomb Raider,
This is a good game. I liked the fact it went back to the begining. Showing Lara at the start of her adventurus life. I feel this game holds it place in the TB series. Certainly woth adding it to your collection. So it get 8th place for me.

07. Space Hulk,
When I heard about this game before it came out. I felt like a child again when I got space hulk the board game 1st edition. Excited to play a great board game transfered to the Computer. So when it came out I snatched it up. I certainly enjoyed it. Even with the little glitches that cane occour. But I have to say the Dev's have been listening to the users and sorting the issues. This also made me happy to see they just were not leaving it alone. Like many companies I have seen in the past. So with that and the fact they made a nice strat from a great board game. I have to say and proud to give it 7th place. Its worth getting.

06. Metro: Last Light,
Last light had me hooked when I first seen the news about it. I enjoyed the first one. This is due to my love for post apocaliptic games. Being in the Russian area. It had me going googoo crazy. Because if I can ever get to play Russia in any game. I will always choose them. But with this game the story is great. It hooked me the graphics the fighting some being intense to the point of. WHERE THE IS MY BACK UP, MY AMMO IS RUNNING LOW. Even with a few glitches it did not spoil my play time. I recomend this game to anyone. So I am glad to give it 6th place.

05. BioShock Infinite,
The next in the BioShock series. I enjoyed the other ones. I was also impressed with this game. Now there where bugs and also there was some feel that the NPC's could have been a bit more full. The fighting was good. The story is good. Certainly had me thinking at the end. Also wondering if there will be another. I feel this game is worth getting. So I give it that middle line place of 5th.

04. Grand Theft Auto V,
As a massive GTA fan. I did enjoy this fith edition of the series, it kept my attention and I certainly enjoyed the story and characters. Shooting of course still sucks in the driving mode. Driving is certianly better than IV. Online I feel they should try and cater more to the SP so they do not feel left out but still being in the MP world so they can still do MP if they wish to. But with some features in the game made me rather annoyed there is some other issues that bugged me. So I give this game 4th place.

03. Batman: Arkham Origins,
Ah another game going back in time. Being a MASSIVE batman fan. I had to get his one. I have certianly been enjoying it and it certianly has been holding the feel I have loved from the other two. Even with glitches I am still loving this game and am Very proud to give it 3rd place.

02. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse,
I have to admit I was not expecting to see another BS game. But when I noticed it, my heart skipped a beat. The BS series has always made me smile and made my mind think. The characters still hold a place in my heart. The story is just as great as they always have been. If you are a point and click fan. Heck even love a good story with those mind thinking puzzels then get this game. I am glad to give this 2nd place.

01. Dead Space 3,
The third in the Dead Space series. I had this preordered and when it arrived I felt nice and fuzzy. Playing this game felt great it gave me those little jumps I like along with playing one of my favorate characters again. Making my own weps heck even using the little scavenger bot. Which I named Bob. This added to the game for me. There was one isssue that did cause some greif. But once by that I still enjoyed the game. I have defo proud to give this 1st place.

OnlyLagKillsMe  posted on Jan 01, 2014 9:06:13 AM - Report post

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List is fine for me, save for the Wii stuff simply because I do not own one.

5. Tomb Raider
Had fun while playing it, loved the visuals.

4. Bioshock Infinite
Only game in the Bioshock series I've played, and I enjoyed it a lot.

3. Europa Universalis IV

2. Total War: Rome 2
Bugged as hell, but with each patch it becomes more and more playable.

1. Assassin's Creed IV
I have yet to purchase it but have played all Assassin's Creed games except it, and from Lets Plays and other sources the game doesn't seem to let it's series down.

edit: only 5 because its 3PM in january first, how the hell am I suppose to think of 10 games released in the entire past year

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KingEli  posted on Jan 01, 2014 11:36:18 AM - Report post

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10. Battlefield 4.

9. Bioshock Infinite .

8. Brutal Legend.

7. Rise Of The Triad.

6. Outlast.

5. Call Of Juarez- Gunslinger.

4. Shadow Warrior.

3. Mortal Kombat Komplete.

2. Ghost Recon Online.

1. Far Cry 3.

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Dhampy  posted on Jan 01, 2014 1:23:00 PM - Report post

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10. GTA5.
9. NHL14.
8. Divinity: Dragon Commander
7. Papers, Please.
6. Gone Home.
5. State of Decay
4. Metro Last Light
3. Bioshock Infinite.
2. The Old Gods/Sons of Abraham DLCs for CK2.
1. The Stanley Parable.
ServiusTheBear  posted on Jan 02, 2014 5:43:00 AM - Report post

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@OnlyLagKillsMe I have to say I have not played Europa Universalis IV yet. But it really does look good to me.

@kingkob I have to say as a Battlefield fan. I have not got around to messing with BF4 not sure my system could handle it to how I like my mp shooters. But its on my list to grab.

@Dhampy I have The Stanley Parable and its on my to play list. It certainly looks interesting indeed.

Trumpster81  posted on Jan 02, 2014 5:48:44 AM - Report post

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The last of US...

That game Proves a Console can still churn out an EPIC GAME even if it's on it's last leg.

ServiusTheBear  posted on Jan 02, 2014 5:00:55 PM - Report post

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@Johnny5clowna Seen that one a PS3 super slime 500gb sale with GT6 for £200. I have decided to save for that beauty

[Edited by Toki, 1/2/2014 5:14:52 PM]

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