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RPG's: Fantasy or Sci-Fi?
musicman1492  posted on Nov 13, 2013 9:16:39 AM - Report post

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I gotta say i favor the fantasy RPG over sci-fi. Dragon Age, The Witcher, Skryim, etc. I do love me some Mass Effect, though. Also looking forward to the Cyberpunk game from CD Projekt.
yosup  posted on Nov 14, 2013 10:03:01 AM - Report post

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Sci-Fi. I'm a dreamer.
LordVenator  posted on Nov 14, 2013 10:26:38 AM - Report post

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If the game has everything to make me play it, then both topics would suit me. However I prefer Sci-Fi shooters over Sci-Fi RPGs.

And of course there's the WH40k series and no one knows what will happen to it now.

Uranium-235  posted on Nov 17, 2013 2:23:08 AM - Report post

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Definitely sci-fi. Fantasy RPGs are unfortunately trapped in cliches, almost permanently it seems.

Ask yourself this: what 'makes' a game sci-fi?

As near I can tell, to be 'sci-fi', it only requires that it takes place in a vaguely plausible, believable representation of the future.

What are the demands for 'fantasy'? Simply having medieval technology and magic to some degree? Unfortunately, that also seems to extend to having elves. And then dwarves. And then goblins and trolls. And eventually you're just hip-deep in yet another Tolkien-esque High Fantasy game.

There are certainly exceptions, but they are fairly rare.

There's also some crossover games. My most very favorite RPG system was a blend of the two: Shadowrun. Dystopic cyberpunk future meets fantasy. To a limited degree, Warhammer 40k itself could also be considered a crossover.

Ultimately I just think 'fantasy RPG' invites far too many cliches and is way too limited a creative medium and recycles too many repetitive concepts for my taste.

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ServiusTheBear  posted on Nov 17, 2013 4:09:20 AM - Report post

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Your tastes are different for others mate.
Dhampy  posted on Nov 17, 2013 12:03:49 PM - Report post

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In my experience, there isn't nearly as much of a difference between the fantasy and scifi RPGs as people seem to want to make out.

They use the same systems, just rename things to suit the genre or theme.

Like back in the day, fantasy RPGs were usually variations on D&D rules, I guess they call it d20 now, and scifi RPGs were GURPS modules.

But the only appreciable difference between them for the player is in character creation.

And transferred to PC games, there's even less difference. It's just swords vs guns. ****, even TES is now using the adaptation of GURPS created for Fallout.

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