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Official Trainer Thread  Terraria Trainer V2
PWizard  posted on Oct 07, 2013 4:27:38 PM - Report post

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Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Infinite Health
Numpad 2: Infinite Mana
Numpad 3: One Hit Kills
Numpad 4: Unlimited Items

Options (Editor)

Edit: Lost Coins
Edit: Soul Drain
Edit: Drain Boost
Edit: Tax Money
Edit: Tax Timer
Edit: Extra Accessory Slots
Edit: Tank Pet
Edit: String Color
Edit: Counter Weight
Edit: Beetle Orbs
Edit: Beetle Counter
Edit: Beetle Countdown
Edit: Solar Shields
Edit: Solar Counter
Edit: Nebula Level Life
Edit: Nebula Level Mana
Edit: Nebula Mana Counter
Edit: Nebula Level Damage
Edit: Flame Ring Rot
Edit: Flame Ring Scale
Edit: Net Mana Time
Edit: Net Life Time
Edit: Beetle Frame
Edit: Beetle Frame Counter
Edit: Mana Sick Reduction
Edit: Load Status
Edit: Item Flame Count
Edit: Life Steal
Edit: Ghost Dmg
Edit: Teleport Time
Edit: Teleport Style
Edit: Rope Count
Edit: Mana Regen Bonus
Edit: Mana Regen Delay Bonus
Edit: Dash
Edit: Dash Time
Edit: Dash Delay
Edit: Eoc Dash
Edit: Eoc Hit
Edit: Acc Run Speed
Edit: Gem
Edit: Gem Count
Edit: Pulley Frame
Edit: Pulley Frame Counter
Edit: Slide Dir
Edit: Launcher Wait
Edit: Spiked Boots
Edit: Carpet Frame
Edit: Carpet Frame Counter
Edit: Carpet Time
Edit: Misc Counter
Edit: Inferno Counter
Edit: Endurance
Edit: Shadow Dodge Count
Edit: Petal Timer
Edit: Shadow Dodge Timer
Edit: Fishing Skill
Edit: Max Minions
Edit: Num Minions
Edit: Slots Minions
Edit: Wing Time
Edit: Wings
Edit: Wings Logic
Edit: Wing Time Max
Edit: Wing Frame
Edit: Wing Frame Counter
Edit: Skin Variant
Edit: Ghost Frame
Edit: Ghost Frame Counter
Edit: Misc Timer
Edit: TownNP Cs
Edit: Net Skip
Edit: Old Select Item
Edit: Immune Time
Edit: Immune Alpha Direction
Edit: Immune Alpha
Edit: Team
Edit: Max Regen Delay
Edit: Sign
Edit: Reuse Delay
Edit: Aggro
Edit: ActiveNP Cs
Edit: No Throw
Edit: Change Item
Edit: Selected Item
Edit: Item Animation
Edit: Item Animation Max
Edit: Item Time
Edit: Tool Time
Edit: Item Rotation
Edit: Item Width
Edit: Item Height
Edit: Ghost Fade
Edit: Ghost Dir
Edit: Held Proj
Edit: BreathC D
Edit: Breath Max
Edit: Breath
Edit: LavaC D
Edit: Lava Max
Edit: Lava Time
Edit: Stealth Timer
Edit: Stealth
Edit: Head Rotation
Edit: Body Rotation
Edit: Leg Rotation
Edit: Full Rotation
Edit: Non Torch
Edit: Gfx Off Y
Edit: Step Speed
Edit: Respawn Timer
Edit: AttackC D
Edit: Potion Delay
Edit: Jump
Edit: Head
Edit: Body
Edit: Legs
Edit: Alt Function Use
Edit: Left Timer
Edit: Right Timer
Edit: Show Item Icon 2
Edit: Run Sound Delay
Edit: Shadow
Edit: Shadow Count
Edit: Mana Cost
Edit: Step
Edit: Angler Quests Finished
Edit: Armor Penetration
Edit: Stat Defense
Edit: Stat Life Max
Edit: Stat Life Max 2
Edit: Stat Life
Edit: Stat Mana
Edit: Stat Mana Max
Edit: Stat Mana Max 2
Edit: Life Regen
Edit: Life Regen Count
Edit: Life Regen Time
Edit: Mana Regen
Edit: Mana Regen Count
Edit: Mana Regen Delay
Edit: Grav Dir
Edit: Sticky Break
Edit: Phantasm Time
Edit: Yoraiz 0r Eye
Edit: Cart Ramp Time
Edit: Track Boost
Edit: Melee Crit
Edit: Ranged Crit
Edit: Magic Crit
Edit: Thrown Crit
Edit: Melee Damage
Edit: Ranged Damage
Edit: Thrown Damage
Edit: Bullet Damage
Edit: Arrow Damage
Edit: Rocket Damage
Edit: Magic Damage
Edit: Minion Damage
Edit: MinionK B
Edit: Melee Speed
Edit: Thrown Velocity
Edit: Move Speed
Edit: Pick Speed
Edit: Wall Speed


[Edited by PWizard, 7/2/2015 4:09:42 PM]

DaCrazyBeggar  posted on Oct 07, 2013 4:47:57 PM - Report post

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BazGoldenclaw  posted on Oct 07, 2013 6:09:08 PM - Report post

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I just downloaded the trainer and tried to run it, but the trainer is having trouble finding the game code. I checked to make sure the trainer matched the version of the game, and that it was the Steam trainer. Any fixes for this that can be done manually?
jiahan  posted on Oct 07, 2013 6:21:46 PM - Report post

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Same problem here, it cannot find game code...
0x90  posted on Oct 07, 2013 6:29:47 PM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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And you press F1 INGAME (not at the main menu) ?
xinox73  posted on Oct 07, 2013 6:58:10 PM - Report post

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Same problem for me to couldn't find game code.
And i tryed press F1 at both main menu and and in game.

[Edited by xinox73, 10/7/2013 6:58:41 PM]

BazGoldenclaw  posted on Oct 07, 2013 7:30:01 PM - Report post

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originally posted by 0x90

And you press F1 INGAME (not at the main menu) ?

Yes, I only pressed it in game, where the character I created is standing in the world that was generated. I am playing in windowed mode, and after pressing F1 and hearing the 1st 'Trainer Activated', the trainer itself seems to lock up while it searches for the code, before a small pop-up window gives an error and says that it could not find the game code. Repeated pressings result in the same error.

skippy962  posted on Oct 07, 2013 7:33:50 PM - Report post

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Also tried running it as admin and it didn't change anything.
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