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What am I doing wrong at the parties
Mel  posted on Jan 15, 2005 12:51:16 PM - Report post

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Is the trick to partying at Dudley's house while living in Toane's Gym to make friends with everyone at the party and then go home? I've gone there twice and partied and even had the cop break up the party but it doesn't unlock my car. ... Also bought 3 art cubes and sculpted them and put lights under them but the Art opening wasn't successful... I even called the repairman to fix all the broken things and had my house spotless. I guess I just don't party well because I also can't unlock the throw the ultimate DJ dance party while living at Club Rubb...my creative points are full and I DJ but nothing has worked... I have fed them, got the dance floor, fixed every broken thing and made tons of improvements....soo... Any hints are appreciated. Thanks
steven   posted on Jan 20, 2005 10:44:09 PM - Report post

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you can try to buy a spa and get in then more people will get in you will get to know more people and it might just work.
jessica  posted on Jan 22, 2005 6:38:39 AM - Report post

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i have the same problem?
Kelsey   posted on Jan 26, 2005 4:16:25 PM - Report post

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If u find out the catch to getting the car please post it i have been trying myself.If I get it then i will post.Is there anyone who has got it?If so please post it.I WANT THAT CAR!lol
the sims guru  posted on Jan 27, 2005 8:27:03 PM - Report post

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the party at dudleys- move in with dudley, buy him a bigger table with more chairs and serve a meal, then move back to the gym.... then go to dudleys for the party..sit at the table, eat, and talk to 5 sims...get your relationship up 5 points... when its done u get your car.... the art show must have a rating of over 90, (which is what the left room is primaraly set on) sculpt, buy a cooler, and have a part...you must get 5 sims in the same room
chug_it  posted on Jan 30, 2005 2:13:32 PM - Report post

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thats wrong. All you have to do at Dudleys is get your relationship up to 5 points with every member there. At the art gallery all you have to do is move the big scupltures around outback and throw a party. It's that simple
Jessica  posted on Feb 03, 2005 2:06:40 PM - Report post

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ok for the ultamet dj party that i found confussing but all you have to do is get buddy you live with to have enough points to be a good dj and then get him to spin the the chick you live with to serve dinner and everyone will eat and then when everyone starts to finish up eating you dance and then click on everyone and get them to join dancing and when you have at least five people dancing you will complete your goal...thats it I know this game is cool but frigin confussin good luck sdoubledee@hotmail.com
Bfg92  posted on Feb 21, 2005 4:23:10 PM - Report post

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What i did at the dj party is had full carsima, creavity, and made sure my mood was up. i hav coeds for the art and dudly party.

"Get through Dudley's party
When you are staying at the gym your roommates will want you to go over Dudley's Trailer to party. Move out of the gym and move in with Dudley. While you are there, serve breakfast/lunch/dinner and have Dudley order pizza. Then, move out of his house and back into the gym. When you visit Dudley's Trailer, food will be already laid out on the table. Before you move out of Dudley's Trailer, buy a bigger table and lots of chairs to seat the guests. Then when you visit Dudley's Trailer for the party, eat and talk to at least five party guests to make your relationship with them above five points. If this does not work, talk to more guest or see if your relationship went down by some points."

"Throw an art opening
When you move to Studio 8, one of the goals is to throw an art opening. In order for the art opening to be successful, you have to purchase a Sculpting Block and sculpt it first. Then, have the party and it will be successful. However, before you can purchase the Sculpting Block, you must complete the goal that will give you access to it. Also, bring all the art and sculptures from out back into the studio. Arrange them however desired, then buy a cooler in buy mode (miscellaneous). Go to phone and throw a party."

I hope this works for u.

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