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How to teach your kid to be a scammer...
DABhand  posted on Apr 11, 2013 2:47:32 PM - Report post

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Well was bored as SW:TOR servers were down and I had messed around with the usual now now now trolls on the forum.

So I decided to have a quick squint at /b/ haven't been there in a long time.. Until I saw a thread close to the top of the first page at that time, about this


Now, from the information on the thread, Susan Wilson is a woman who scams people into giving her money for things that she has bought and sold for a profit.

Wait thats not so bad, thats just reselling right DAB?

Yeah normally, but she uses places like Kickstarter to say she is developing the product, but in essence she is buying stock from the Orient mostly at a reduced cost and reselling them to funders for close to twice the price.

That in anyones books is fraud.

So is the above fund raising attempt.

Now kickstarter doesn't allow attempts to gather funds for personal development or charities etc. And this "camp" is for personal development which in turn has a game being made at the end, which uses stock data provided by the RPG maker.

Don't get me wrong im thrilled that kids are getting interested in game development and story development also.

But when your mother is a millionaire through mostly scamming, and already paid for your camp and then starts a kickstarter trying to regain those funds plus extra, then it comes into borderland fraud. And not the right thing to teach your kids.

Whats more she will get a laptop with the extra money, which means her mother will keep the rest after that. It is total nonsense.

So please go there and sign in and report that this is bad, 2nd option from the list they give by the way, and be polite and factual. Explaining her mother has frauded people before. Like the Iphone 4/4s case she was developing which she was buying in bulk instead.

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HerpDerp2332  posted on Apr 11, 2013 3:02:59 PM - Report post

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Ah, /b/, shame it's devolved into YLYL and "Ask me anything" threads...

Also pic related: Link

Pretty much sums her up, Great human.

DABhand  posted on Apr 11, 2013 3:23:45 PM - Report post

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Dem Shoes!

Yeah most of her money is from scams, and believe it or not it is illegal to buy domain names and resell them to companies within a couple of years of them starting to finishing. Since she has had those domains for 50 shades of grey for less than 2 years, when she tried to sell them she was breaking laws.

I await the day some governing body finds her and sues her for most of her $100m which no doubt will be tied into off shore accounts and "projects" to keep them safe, and since she bought her house with her "salary" they can't retain goods there also.

But still it would be good if she didn't dispose of her money in such a way that she has a lot taken from her.

Neo7  posted on Apr 11, 2013 7:33:49 PM - Report post

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You can pay $500 bucks to be the executive producer of said game. Don't know why I find that so funny (probably because 2 people already shelled out for it).

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DABhand  posted on Apr 11, 2013 7:43:00 PM - Report post

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What is funnier is that it was initially set up because the girls' brothers bullied her into it, they said that "cause she was a girl she can't make a game".

But that got changed pretty quick when people started complaining.

Still don't understand why it is still running, it is obviously not for a product but for a course that kickstarter doesn't allow.

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