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Locked Topic  Sticky Topic  Reverting to Previous URLMON in Win7
PWizard  posted on Mar 27, 2013 7:10:37 AM - Report post

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*Note* This will only work for Windows 7 and below that have installed Internet Explorer 10 and have been having the trainers crash all the time. And for those of you who have tried to uninstall Internet Explorer 10 and still have had no luck!. It may work for Windows 8 also but you would have to delete Internet Explorer 10 from your system (Due to Windows 8 having IE10 Integrated into it there could be some issues that might arise from removing it. Be sure to set a restore point before doing so!.

Step 1. Click on "Start" and then click "Control Panel" to the right of the start menu. Then after the "Control Panel" loads find "Programs and Features" and open it. Then to your left you will see "Turn Windows features on or off" and click it. Then it will take a second to load the Windows Features window. After it is fully loaded locate "Internet Explorer 10" and uncheck the check box next to it. Then click on ok and allow your system to remove it off your system. It should only take a few moments to finish and then it might or might not ask you to reboot. It would be a good idea to reboot the system to clear everything out of the memory and services cache.

Step 2. After rebooting your computer and getting back into Windows. Click on "Start" then "Control Panel" and then find "Programs and Features" again and open it and wait for it to fully load. After that look to your left once again and find "View installed updates" and click it and let the "Uninstall an update" window to fully load then find "Internet Explorer 10" on the list and right click it and then select "Uninstall" and it should take a moment to finish up and after it is complete it will ask you to reboot so please do so!.

Step 3. After back in Windows once again go to "Start" then highlight "All Programs" and click it. And scroll down until you see "Windows Update" on your left hand side just above the program folders and then click it. And once "Windows Update" opens click on "Check for updates" and wait for it to finish checking for updates (Depending on if you update your system often or keep it up to date or never update. There should be at least 1 to 300 (if you never update your system lol) Now its time to click "# Optional/Important/Critical update is available" And then find "Internet Explorer 10" and right click it and select "Hide Update" and that does it! So now close everything out and it would be a good idea to reboot one last time. And after rebooting your trainers should be working perfect now and should not be crashing at launch anymore. And if it is still crashing at launch still then there is an entirely different issue at fault. Or you didn't follow the steps correctly and if that is the case read below.

Step 4. (Optional) In case your trainers are still crashing it might be a good idea to rule out urlmon.dll to ensure that you have the correct version on your system. So now you are going to need to click "Start" and then you will need to click on "Computer" on your right side of the start menu. Then when "Computer" pop's up with a list of drives paths and network folders you are going to double click "C:" It will normally have a lil mini Windows logo next to the drive. And once it's open you will see a lot of folders or a few (depends if your like me and downloaded the whole internet or never download anything lol) You are going to locate the folder "Windows" and then double click on it. After opening the folder you may get a warning to not open or mess with this folder. Click yes or go ahead or view files and folder or what ever open you may see to allow you to continue. Then you will scroll down and look for a folder called "System32" and double click that and after that folder is open you will scroll all the way down until you see the file "urlmon.dll" (If you don't see the file then it was deleted and you need a clean 9.0 version of "urlmon.dll" So make sure you find a copy of it online (Google it) and then place it back into your "c:\Windows\System32\" Folder. And after placing the replacement "urlmon.dll" where it belongs go to and click "Start" then in the run search bar at the bottom type in "regsvr32 /u urlmon.dll" (Without quotes) and it will say that it was unregistered. After that you need to re register it by going to "Start" and into the same search run box type "regsvr32 urlmon.dll" Without quotes. And it will say it was registered and then reboot your computer and you should be good! But if you found the "urlmon.dll" file right click the file and select "Properties" And once the properties window for "urlmon.dll" is open click on the tab "Details" and look for the "File Version" status and look to the right of that and check what "urlmon.dll" version that is currently installed on your system. If the file is version 9 then you have uninstalled "Internet Explorer 10" but the file could be infected or damaged or even and older version example an unknown version. But if the file version is 10 then you did not follow the steps correctly or there is a virus infecting the urlmon.dll file. Hijackers are known to take advantage and move into "urlmon.dll" So you will want to do the following...

Update your Virus scanner definitions and your ad/malware definitions and run a full system scan. If your system comes up clean then reboot and follow the steps again to make sure its uninstalled and removed completely. And if that does not work then I would say you might want to restore your system to a past Restore point a month ago at a time or a week at a time until it works again. If that fails to work..... Then you will need to use your windows CD and use the repair option and just replace all your system files that have been changed. It sucks but yea... That's about all you can do. (Aside from a format)

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