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    Crysis 3 Trainer
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    dave11674 posted on Mar 01, 2013 12:06:31 PM - Report post
    new version ive just got thats v1.2.0.0
    latest trainer not working as yet
    im sure the guys will do it tho fella's
    hang tight

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    PWizard posted on Mar 01, 2013 1:46:35 PM - Report post
    current trainer tested and working with current game version. read the entire thread before posting more useless comments.
    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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    JohanJansen posted on Mar 01, 2013 4:56:51 PM - Report post
    I had just like a lot of other guys big problems to get the trainer working.
    With the last update of the game I run the trainer as administrator, and now it works perfect all the time.
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    namloot posted on Mar 01, 2013 5:54:57 PM - Report post
    I have found that if you hold the f1 button for a few seconds on the screen where you pick resume, that all the CH options work.
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    rexryder posted on Mar 01, 2013 7:25:24 PM - Report post
    originally posted by LordJB

    Due to something with the modified exe there's a common issue with a crash in level 2 which is probably why it was assumed you used a pirated copy.

    Anyway here's something else, you can bind some of the previous games console cheats to the C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Crysis 3\game.cfg and GFE.cfg

    These two files normally re-save when the game starts so you lose any added commands thus you need to set them as write protected / read-only.

    Ideally you'd want the commands in the difficulty cvar file as that loads in a better position and thus ensures the commands work properly but since mods are only partially implemented (You can load them but they don't really do anything.) which means custom files won't work then this will have to do.

    For example by adding g_infiniteAmmo = 1 to those two files you should notice the guns have 999 ammo reserve, you still need to reload though, can switch to special ammo and reload to get 999 of that too.
    (The rest that I've tried only worked sporadically but this one seems to stick through the entire game for some reason.)

    Combined with the trainer functionality you can now have unlimited ammo and the no-reload option or what other functions are desired, pretty useful.
    (Having some way to restore the original console commands or un-restricting it or whatever is needed would be better but that won't happen outside of the sandbox editor should one be released.)

    Hi all, I too have been unable to get the trainer working after trying all the fixes listed here, and I did read every single post (all 29 pages worth). This is the first trainer that I've been unable to get to you guys are at 99% and I'd say that's pretty darn good in anybody's book! So good job, and thanks! I did find one post here that was a big help though and that was this one by LordJB. I was able to go to C:/Users/username/Saved Games/Crysis 3/game.cfg, then I used Hex Editor to add the line as follows: the last line ended with .. (which also seperated the previous cmds), so I added this to the end of the last line----"g_infiniteAmmo = 1.."
    without the quotation marks, then saved it, then selected properties after right clicking on the file and checked "read only" and "apply". By the way I could not find a "GFE.cfg" file. This worked perfectly for me when nothing else did, all weapons including the bow have 999 ammo count every time I start the game and no crashes so far. Thanks a bunch LordJB! Sorry for the long post but I wanted to get down exactly what I did hoping it can help others.

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    LordJB posted on Mar 02, 2013 12:30:31 AM - Report post
    game.cfg and/or gfe.cfg is normal text files but with the .cfg / config extension, the main problem with editing these is that the game re-saves the file upon start so you lose any custom edits if you don't write protect (Set to read-only) the file first.

    This stops you from being able to customize the game settings however so it's best to set those as desired first.

    Oh and Maldo whom did a large overhaul of Crysis 2 also released a modified exe file which basically enables the Exec console command so I used that to execute all the known cheat variables from test.cfg

    Unfortunately g_infiniteammo = 1 is the only command that can be altered, I don't know if it's a oversight or if there's some other purpose with enabling it but every other command returns a value of 0 and can't be set.
    (g_godmode for example or g_inventorynolimits, ai_ignoreplayer too but most ai cvar's where already locked down.)

    (g_infinitesuitenergy has been removed entirely and I've found no replacement command.)

    I guess it's a additional safety so people can't force override these settings and cheat in multiplayer or something even with the majority of the console commands restricted.
    (Which exec seems to override since it can be used for any command but a large amount of them are further locked and can't be changed even if the command is recognized though here it's mostly about the cheat related settings.)

    Anyways that's why g_infiniteammo works and none of the others seem to do anything.

    Using the trainer is thus the best option for getting many other functions though with the strengthened cheat protection the game might shut down or force crash from time to time unless a modified exe is used.
    (I tried and it does keep all progress / your profile but it does sever the connection to Origin though overall this is fairly minor as the trainer is intended for solo play.)

    EDIT: Exec to force a override of the commands that are unavailable from the in-game console prompt, however it can't alter anything locked down which includes a large amount of the debug variables and some other game settings.

    [Edited by LordJB, 3/2/2013 12:33:41 AM]
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    Lord Vader posted on Mar 02, 2013 7:41:48 AM - Report post
    thank u very much for the trainer and then the update. love the game and the trainer.
    "Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't"

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    scoobots posted on Mar 02, 2013 2:02:29 PM - Report post
    Hi. I love the trainers on this site. I have been a unlimited member since 2005. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but here's my situation with the trainer (

    1. I start the trainer (as administrator)
    2. I start the game (I have the downloaded version, directly from Origin)

    3. I press the F1 key a couple of times and nothing happens. I restarted the process again and, only this time, I held the F1 key in for a few seconds.

    4. The game then crashed to the desktop, followed by a voice about two seconds later, saying "Trainer Activated".

    5. I restarted the game (with the trainer still activated). When I press any numpad key, the voice says "activated", but the options don't work.

    I only play single player. I am not interested in the multi-player option. Should I be playing in off-line mode?
    Thank you for reading.

    [Edited by scoobots, 3/2/2013 2:03:01 PM]
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