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Bizarre 'not quite' freezing issue
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    endersblade posted on Jan 18, 2013 8:17:57 PM - Report post
    If I play the game without the trainer, game runs fine. However, if I so much as activate the trainer (pressing F1, not using any options) the game has issues. If I'm in a town, everything graphically will freeze. I can still press buttons and things, but nothing actually happens on screen. sounds play, music plays. Sometimes it will do it going into battle. The screen goes black, like it normally does, and then the game continues on like everything's fine...other than the screen stays black. It hasn't happened yet just on the main map yet. Just those two situations.

    The ONLY options I use in the trainer so far is the massive army and restore/revive army. Though like I said, this has happened to me without even activating anything. I was on campaign scenario 2 (just started the game, basically), was in town and was splitting up a stack of crossbowmen so I could clone them into uber armies in battle. I'd activated the trainer at the main screen like I always do. Right before I got ready to exit the town and continue on with the game, the above happened. >.> I thought it a fluke, but I shut everything down and restarted my computer just in case. Everything went fine for about 20 turns or so, until I got into a fight with an enemy leader. Game went black, then continued on but at a black screen.

    Sorry so wordy. Just trying to explain in detail what's going on from my perspective. I have no AV running. I believe I'm on the latest stable drivers from Nvidia (as in, not beta or anything).

    Hmm, now it did it to me without the trainer loaded. I wonder if my save is 'corrupted' from the trainer and that's why, or I wonder if there's actually something wrong with the game itself. Might start a new game just to check.

    Ah. Checked their official forums, many people have had this problem since at least 1.5. No fix that I can find >.>
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