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Recent disappointments
Rick_Terminal  posted on Dec 24, 2012 4:56:36 AM - Report post

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just so you know, "disappointment" is not a word I would have associated with CH, but recently I have found 8 different trainers that no longer work - of course because of Windows 8 and later game patches.

When the less technically savvy of us ask questions about why trainers are not working, we are increasingly given a short (and sometimes rude) replies from PW&co saying there is no hope for trainers being updated.

Whilst I understand the reasons for a line being drawn when it comes to trainer updates, I find it hard to accept that big names such as Batman AC are abandoned so quickly, or that highly popular titles such as Dragon Age are not updated for the same reason. Another example is Aliens vs. Predator - why dx9 only?

Whatever you reasons, please can you listen to your subscribers and give us an inch occasionally. Just tell it how it is, and I'm sure the people worth keeping as members won't take it too hard!



Neo7  posted on Dec 24, 2012 6:27:01 AM - Report post

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There are sticky topics covering this in more details:

Windows 8:

Other Trainers:

PWizard  posted on Dec 24, 2012 7:03:46 AM - Report post

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Regarding Windows 8, we only keep one version of our trainer code per game. When we update trainers to multiple versions or patches, we overwrite the old code. Since Microsoft decided to remove a piece of code that has been in place since Windows 95 which broke EVERY SINGLE TRAINER we had to go back and make them compatible. This means we could only update the most recent version of each trainer unless we started over and re-worked the entire trainer which was not going to happen, especially for these old games.

As far as games like Batman, we decide which games to retire based on the number of updates, number of game versions and user response. Every time we tried to update the Batman trainer, we were immediately bombarded with complaints that it didn't work for this version or that version and why were we so stupid to not test a trainer before releasing it, etc. This is why it was retired. We have literally THOUSANDS of games to support, many of which patch every time the wind blows or a new holiday comes around, because heaven forbid, a game like Killing Floor just wouldn't be the same if the zombies weren't wearing Santa Hats the week before Christmas. We can't support every game indefinitely and when the negative comments begin to outweigh the positive comments, then we retire the game and move on to other trainers that people actually appreciate.

I hope this better answers your questions. I'm sorry I don't take the time to type all of this out the 400 times these types of questions get asked every day. You want to know why I'm short and sometimes rude with people? Because they can't take 30 secs and read some of the sticky posts or even 2-3 posts in front of the one they just made where their question was already answered. Not to mention the fact that I am slammed with about 200 negative emails and posts per day via email, PM, board posts, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc all complaining about things that can be easily resolved with one read of the troubleshooting guide. If you were constantly assailed with negativity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, would you be the happiest person on the planet?

LudicrusLeon  posted on Dec 26, 2012 11:00:55 AM - Report post

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Well... That being the case with Windows 8. I will probably NOT be moving to it ANYTIME in the near or even distant future.

Especially since I don't seem to be having any problems running the games and trainers I have now on any of my computers from Windows 95C OSR 2.5 to Windows 7 Ultimate. No sense in messing with something that works! EH?

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