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Official Trainer Thread  Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Trainer
dlinvader33  posted on Aug 23, 2012 2:43:48 AM - Report post

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im personally leaning more towards the game crashing than anything else. im sure there are probably quite a few bugs here and there.
YoGiFiEd  posted on Aug 23, 2012 4:22:41 AM - Report post

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yeah its the game . If you check out the Activision support site there's notices saying that they're looking into issues related to this game.
Subotai  posted on Aug 23, 2012 9:17:33 PM - Report post

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Great trainer. Kudos. Beat the game on hard using the Unlimited Ammo and Ability/T.E.C.H. Worked fine the whole game through. There may have been one or two instance of something not showing up or progression not happening but that was due to an event vs. cheat thing. Simply turned toggled the particular or all cheats off, reload from last checkpoint and moved on. No crashes or anything. Thanks again for the triner!
Peter22CU  posted on Aug 24, 2012 1:54:56 AM - Report post

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Tanks for the Trainer, just need to wait for my game
OzyMaximus  posted on Aug 27, 2012 3:03:52 PM - Report post

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originally posted by LordJB

Certain options will cause weird behavior since the game is expecting certain settings which the trainer overrides, you'll crash if you enable some stuff in the first mission for example as certain scripts set your health and shield down to 1 and in the second mission the no-reload option can cause a turret early on to crash the game as it shoots out several thousand rockets in a constant stream, looked pretty funny though, caused severe slowdowns as well.

Later on in that mission some option related to the use of special abilities causes a mortar segment to become unstable as you can lock on as many targets as possible with no way of cancelling out, had a lot of little red laser lights targeting the entire area before it crashed.

In short the trainer works as expected and everything functions great but the options should be used carefully to avoid causing the game to bug out and possibly also crash during certain scripted sequences.
(I believe the readme for certain trainers for other games have similar things mentioned.)

This uses CEG as well so for all I know there could also be some triggers used since that protection allows such behavior, I wouldn't know though but that could also perhaps explain some of these results if the game actively goes weird when it detects that certain things are altered.

I am totally agree with you here, as I am floating on the same board as you are. I notice that unlimited ammo option cause the most game crash

NeoArcane  posted on Aug 28, 2012 3:51:07 AM - Report post

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The same problem persists with me,
I'm not sure if it's to do with the game
or even the trainer...if I had ANY hunch
about it, I'd say it was the trainer.

But I'll let the guys at dtermine that!

LordJB  posted on Aug 28, 2012 10:25:26 AM - Report post

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I am totally agree with you here, as I am floating on the same board as you are. I notice that unlimited ammo option cause the most game crash

Having now tested the game more it does have a fair share of problems on it's own so I might have been a bit too hasty, the Steam forums have a number of topics about this I believe.

In any case I do hope the game gets patched to improve upon these stability issues as it seems the game has some issues.

I still need to test some other options more thoroughly but so far the only thing I've found that I can easily try is that it seems the ammo "code" might be shared (That is, some entities uses the same data for it.) and this perhaps is why the game starts acting up or at least it does for me, I unfortunately lack the skills to actually check this properly so I could be very wrong about this but as a very easy test to do you can try the various trainer options on the first level after the tutorial one (Well the second chapter basically.) and like I mentioned the various turrets (There's one right at the start of the level.) will start behaving strangely there.
(Though I've yet to fully replicate the whole rocket stream thing which happened the first time.)

Unsure if there's a modified exe for this game, if there is there's a possibility that CEG and various protection triggers are interfering and that's why I've had these problems, will need to check that as well though I'm not too bothered by it and the trainer as mentioned does work as it should even if the game might not be fully stable but hopefully it'll be patched soon to rectify this to at least some degree.

Not sure if I explained it well enough, it's mostly my own experiences with the game and probably differs for other people playing this, what is known however is that there are some actual game issues unfortunately.

EDIT: A save or so right at one of these areas might help but I believe Steam has that personalization like LIVE does so it'll just display as "corrupt" for others so it wouldn't help much.
(Apparently this can be hex edited and solved that way though I've never tried it myself but it's some profile code that is altered.)

[Edited by LordJB, 8/28/2012 10:30:56 AM]

Sshar22  posted on Aug 30, 2012 11:05:12 AM - Report post

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For what I have understood, (third time I play the story) the game has 2 phases:
1)a battle phase where enemy are actively shooting at you in wich the trainer works perfectly (health, unlimited ammo, no reload, all the various powers ect.)
2)a story/exploratory phase were there are no enemies in your immediate surround and/or are not actively hunting for you.
In this phase you will notice that the weapon arm is often shown without weapon, that there are cinematics playing (squeezing through passages), that you can activate switches doors ect, changing stances and movement speed arbitrarly, and often hear banter between the character and its allies or enemies.
In those cases the trainer will keep the ammo locked for a weapon that isnt there or health for a value that should never change and that might freak out the executable and simply crash to desktop when it saves.

So by simply deactivating the options one used during the fight phase most of the crashes are avoided.
There will still remain some crashes when the cutscene is linked the the destroying of the enemy so that your last bullet fired with unlimited ammo still on will trigger the scene and possibly crash the game. There are a couple of places where this happens like when you first meet the Leapers or during the final chapter where cutscenes are often mixed in the battles.

But interestingly I found out that the saving system is pretty solid and even if the game crashes, simply reloading the game contiues from where the the CTD happened so no long replay of game sections (exeption is the last boss fight).

I dont know if the trainer maker will or can do anything about it, but just remembering to switch off the trainer options immediatly after the fight will remove a lot of the crashes.

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