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dead island game modification godly item
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    jinxbandit40 posted on Aug 13, 2012 10:05:53 AM - Report post
    i dont know this will help or not or u guys already know
    but i just wanna submit it


    this game can be edit with WINRAR and NOTEPAD ya know

    try this :

    find file Data0 and open with winrar (BACK UP Files first if u mistake changing number, game will crash)

    to edit weapon :
    find inventory_gen.scr inside Data0 then extract
    open the extract inventory_gen.scr with notepad
    change the value of weapon u want to make godly weapon as u want
    like change : damagerange to 900 and u can hit zombie 900m far away with melee
    save the notepad
    and add the files with winrar in the same folder inventory_gen.scr and replace original file
    and play

    to edit skill :
    open Data0 with winrar and find folder "skill" inside
    u will see every character skill files
    extract the file
    example choose file xian_skill.scr extract, open at notepad,
    edit what u like
    save notepad, add with winrar again and replace original file

    to edit loot :
    open Data1 at winrar
    open maps folder
    example open act1a folder and find file act1a.loot
    extract, open at notepad, edit value and name of item,
    save notepad, add to winrar and replace original file
    to edit shop :
    open Data2
    find shops_scr
    (just do same as above)

    have fun for ur adventure remodelling the game

    note : BACK UP FILE FIRST okaaayyy
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