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Locked Topic  Win Free UNL: Flash Challenge 3
Neo7  posted on Mar 25, 2012 9:32:38 PM - Report post

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Don't like the luck of the draw well now is your chance to score big time with a free 1-year UNL Membership!

Is there a catch to this free membership? Why yes there is (did you really think I would give it to you for free). You have to earn it through your skills in video games (flash based to be exact). I'm too lazy to organize a full tournament and you're too lazy to compete in said tournament so here's what we'll do:

Every other weekend (Central Standard Time mind you) I will post a new challenge for you to do. You will have the whole entire week to do the challenge and whoever so brings me the highest score (or lowest time or whatever) will get themselves a free 1-year UNL Membership.

The cutoff entry date will be Saturday (March 24) at midnight! There will be no more entries accepted once the weekend starts. Once I tally all of the scores I will announce who the winner is through another topic so that he/she may celebrate and others can be angry at said user.

If you attempt to cheat at these games and lie about your scores, you will be permabanned from CHU so don't do it.

This challenge requires the latest stable Mozilla Firefox browser!

Game: Destroy the Web -- Microsoft's Website
Goal: Get the highest score

Instructions: Install this Firefox addon: Link

Then navigate to Microsoft's home page:

Then click the "Destroy the Web" button in your browser buttons.

This will be a rare time I will run back-to-back challenges for a chance though this particular game will come back as a 2nd challenge every other week along with another standard flash games. Also remember that it is your responsibility to get your scores to me, not mine. I don't view these scores until after the deadline. If your image is a 404 after the deadline, it will be considered an invalid entry and you won't be able to correct it. This includes using proper settings with free image hosting services you use. If you're extra paranoid, get your own webserver and host the images yourself.

Neo7  posted on Mar 30, 2012 3:48:51 PM - Report post

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Just a few hours left...if no one else posts, you can submit a score of zero and still win free UNL Membership.
Monkey007  posted on Mar 30, 2012 4:01:10 PM - Report post

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-Rant: Unbelievable. CHU's been giving away memberships left and right and nobody replies, but when they need a trainer you get rage-posts on Y U NO GIVE TRAIENR FOR FREE?!

Oh well. Image: Link

I'll participate from now on just for the fun of it. I suck at pure skill games, though.
That last one with the 'see how high you can get' drove me absolutely monkey crazy.

P.s: I hope this is the right plugin as the link above didn't work for me. So I just googled the plugin. (Received a 404 error :-/)

Edit: Holy... Accuracy over speed, huh? Linked a new image with a much higher score.

[Edited by Monkey007, 3/30/2012 4:06:18 PM]

Neo7  posted on Mar 30, 2012 4:22:10 PM - Report post

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Yeah that's the add-on.
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