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  ignoring steam
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    ram1009 posted on Dec 24, 2011 8:12:21 PM - Report post
    I don't understand the reasoning behind ignoring the steam versions of games. It's not like steam is new or unpopular. Do the devs here have it in for steam?
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    Bladeofdeath posted on Jan 15, 2012 4:27:52 PM - Report post

    I can't tell you why they do or don't like it or if they even have an opinion, but I will give you my two cents on it.
    1. You must be online to play games that don't even require online. That is unless while you're online you hit offine mode then go away which isn't always feasible.
    2. You must have everything up to date... this in its self isn't bad but when the updates take two hours... >.>
    3. Having endless bandwidth is about the only way to get decent speeds.
    4. It is invasive and has to be running while I'm gaming eating a part of my RAM that could be going towards my game allowing something as simple as a slightly better texture, or another layer of anti-aliasing.
    5. The advertisements >.<
    6. Personal opinion: I shouldn't have to go and download a third party application so that I can play a game that I went into a store and bought a hard copy of just so I can play offline without any third parties, and not have to do an online registar, or in the off chance that you do it doesn't take another forty-five minutes.
    7. Disclaimer: I do not have almost no bandwidth to begin with I do run on a 100MB/s line & connected to a 65 MB/s wifi from another source other than my router. I am not ignorant about RAM and optimization. Nor do I have a totally crap rig, it's no where near the best but it can at least run a lot of things... >.< My two cents on Steam.
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    Neo7 posted on Jan 15, 2012 5:01:40 PM - Report post
    This requires purchasing the game again at full price as well as additional time to maintain parallel trainer versions. You can probably get around this problem by using a No-CD fix (no guarantees). There isn't enough resources for this aging game.
    Your bitterness, I will dispel
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