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Running two game trainers at once??
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    Crusader16 posted on Dec 10, 2011 9:33:28 AM - Report post
    Does anyone know if its possible to get the CH trainer for this game and the trainer by dEViATED to both work at the same time??
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    PWizard posted on Dec 10, 2011 9:43:36 AM - Report post
    give it a whirl
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    Crusader16 posted on Dec 10, 2011 11:34:20 AM - Report post
    Ok after customizing the CH trainer to use different number keys instead of the numpad. It is possible to run both of these trainers at the same time.

    If people are going to do this I would recommend using the following options in each trainer as i know it doesn't cause a crash.

    Use the Cheathappens trainer and it fills your storage to MAX, dEViATED seems to freeze at 404 units. But its up to you.

    Either will do CH adds to current amount and dEViATED freezes at 75mil.

    CH trainer gives more per go.

    Regrading dEViATED trainer - 999 workers
    Seems to be currently bugged as it freezes all values to 999, meaning that you have to unlock all 5 tiers of workers before using it otherwise you can't advance and unlock more buildings (E.g. Ozone Maker).

    Every other function on these trainers should work without any problems as the options are not shared. This was tested on the retail version and has not been tested on Steam as dEViATED trainer has not been tested on it.

    [Edited by Crusader16, 12/10/2011 11:37:07 AM]
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    Kavvman posted on Dec 11, 2011 5:02:54 AM - Report post
    I wasn't sure how much workers to set but 999 seemed a big amount. I haven't seen it interfere with game progress, i unlocked two worker types with this cheat enabled and the third worker type was unlocked as well without any probs, also enabling me to build fine without "X workers needed" message.

    I haven't played the game much though, it was made on request of a friend, so maybe on higher levels, you need more workers or can't advance...dunno.

    Anyway, if it doesn't let you advance, just disable the cheat, demolish or build a worker barracks and it should reset the amount to normal.
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    julian4693 posted on Dec 15, 2011 12:30:53 AM - Report post
    I use both the CH trainer (option 7 & 8) and the HoG trainer at the same time with no issues.
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