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  The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Trainer
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    Send a message to vibes16
    vibes16 posted on Nov 12, 2011 2:40:00 AM - Report post
    Thanks for trainer CH, as usually great job!

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    cyberia posted on Nov 12, 2011 3:07:17 AM - Report post
    originally posted by fullmetal5550

    originally posted by cyberia

    @Caliber @PWizard : Thanks alot , you R doing a great job ...

    I wish there is an option for unlimited Weight ASAP ...

    Using the console command TGM eliminates your character being over weight when surpassing the weight limit. A glitch I noticed is that if you character is past their wright limit they can't use carriages. The carriage driver would not leave until I dropped some of my stuff.

    [Edited by fullmetal5550, 11/12/2011 1:56:08 AM]

    Thanks m8

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    fox23vang posted on Nov 12, 2011 3:08:03 AM - Report post
    It would be awesome if we could get a no cool down dragon shout option. If want to blow creatures and people off ledges with my shout but the cool down is preventing me from having that fun.

    EDIT:Nevermind!!! LOL im stupid i just found it!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!! Thank you Tnor(Michael N.).

    Type : player.forceav “ShoutRecoveryMult 0” without the “”. This will set your recovery of shout cooldowns to NOTHING.
    Please note, if you tinker with ANY variables for too long, and change them too much, it can and WILL mess up your game. Always backup!

    [Edited by fox23vang, 11/12/2011 3:16:05 AM]
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    amrit posted on Nov 12, 2011 3:16:49 AM - Report post
    player.forceav shoutrecoverymult 0

    This puts recharge to 0 secs.
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    Send a message to Ultralazuli
    Ultralazuli posted on Nov 12, 2011 3:39:58 AM - Report post
    originally posted by Neo7

    originally posted by Ultralazuli

    originally posted by TokenBad99

    originally posted by Ultralazuli

    originally posted by awakendjay

    originally posted by fidel_sarcastro

    Thanks for the Trainer, yall deliver yet again. Keep up the good work

    No cooldown dragon shouts is your best friend

    srsly brah, calm the hell down. nobody else has really asked for that option. how come you're hyperthreading your soul for this instead of enjoying the game as it is for now?

    also, i think it's justified for us, as PAYING CUSTOMERS, to make reasonable requests of the company that we spent actual money doing business with. otherwise there's no return on the investment, and that's bad business ANYWHERE.

    I'm with everyone else on the add perk points motion.

    I think making a request is fine...but for those that think they are entitled to something is just wrong...these people do it around their real life jobs or life in general...and to expect something like the one guy said...its his right...he is wrong...its not his right...they provide a service...and there are many sites that just post what they want or take suggestions but they don't have to make it happen...if if you pay...so for this site...that does what they do...why try to pressure them for something when all it will make them want to do is close the site down cause of the headache of dealing with people like that?

    I for one love the site..and hope it stays around..and I make suggestions from time to time...but never sit there an say I deserve to get it cause I contributed...


    The problem is that it's actual REAL money. it's not something earned through board posts or some such, it was actual money i spent, that i could have spent on cigs, food, drinks, gas, rent, etc. I commented in a thread about this before, it cannot be that big of a headache to deal with whatever kind of community they have to 'deal with on a daily basis' when they STILL run the site and MAKE MONEY off of it. If it's too much trouble, then they should just shut it down and move on with their lives, but they have complained about this same topic before, and yet they're still here, or at least someone using their accounts. And the site's still up. They're still working.

    So yeah, i firmly believe i am entitled to make a request as a paying customer when they plainly advertise the ability to make requests and have them taken seriously. otherwise that's false advertising and THAT is a lawsuit.

    jus sayin'.

    There is a fine line separating the difference between demanding something because you're a paying customer and respectfully requesting a feature without throwing that detail out like that. Once that line is crossed, the trainer development team will use the Terms of Service to shut down what they see as a bad investment to sink more time in this trainer towards their business (there are many more customers than just those that play this game) in favor of more polite customers that are easier to work with.

    In short, you should be reading the Terms of Service before checking "I Agree" as this is stated in clear, concise text at the beginning of the TOS:

    We have the right, but not the obligation, to take any of the following actions in our sole discretion at any time and for any reason without giving you any prior notice:

    Restrict, suspend or terminate your access to all or any part of the Services;
    Change, suspend or discontinue all or any part of the Services;
    Refuse, move or remove any material that you submit to our site for any reason;
    Refuse, move, or remove any content that is available on our site;
    Deactivate or delete your accounts and all related information and files in your account;
    Establish general practices and limits concerning use of our site

    Whether you actually read this and understood this particular clause that Cheat Happens reserves does not really matter to them on a legal standpoint. What does matter is that they have a documentation stating that you agree to be bound by these rules upon creating an account. This is as blunt and cold as the service can be and if it is something you don't agree to, then let it be a lesson to actually read what you sign up for. This fine print is available for anyone to read.

    [Edited by Neo7, 11/11/2011 8:23:21 PM]

    [Edited by Neo7, 11/11/2011 8:24:23 PM]

    I think you and a lot of other people are misunderstanding or intentionally misconstruing what I type, in order to make it easier to dictate to perhaps?

    1stly, Never did I threaten or imply to threaten with a lawsuit, I don'e have the money for it. I simply said that with false advertising (which is illegal) comes lawsuits, and that it would be a mistake to not want to make changes to this trainer(or others) based on paid members' requests/desires.

    2ndly, sure they can terminate services, but that would be bad business seeing as how this game is insanely popular (via people camping out in my SMALL TOWN local gamestop.)

    3rdly, I never demanded anything, awakendjay did, and I told him to calm the hell down, as you can plainly see. I put that my notion was in with the people asking for an add perk points. I believe that's very close to a quotation.

    4rth, and lastly, is it not my right to share my personal opinion on this site?

    See no evil, do no good.
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    Send a message to onside123
    onside123 posted on Nov 12, 2011 4:29:14 AM - Report post
    Wow that was fast didnt expect to see 1 out so soon.

    Basically i got my trainer but im waiting on the game to update

    But thanks guys
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    Send a message to PKFreeze
    PKFreeze posted on Nov 12, 2011 5:38:01 AM - Report post
    I have trouble with this trainer.
    I launch trainer, than launch game. In main menu i press F1, listen "Activated". When i try load my saved game, game is crashing.
    Make sure you have the right version. Version of my game - This trainer also for this version number.
    Disable any third-party programs you may be using such as FRAPS yes, i did it
    Have you disabled your Anti-Virus, Firewall and other security software? yes, i did it
    Always read the instructions that are included with the trainer i read instruction
    Are you using Windows Vista or Windows 7 i have Windows 7 64-bit. May be this is problem?
    Did you download the game from Direct2Drive, STEAM or another digital download service? i have STEAM version. But this trainer is compatible with STEAM version or no?
    Where did you put the trainer file i try put trainer in game folder
    Have you tried running the trainer different ways yes, i try both ways.

    Another items of PC TRAINER TROUBLESHOOTING are OK.

    What else i must try?
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    Send a message to glyth
    glyth posted on Nov 12, 2011 5:44:10 AM - Report post
    set item selected to 99 would be wonderful for ingredients and all

    Echanting unlimited charges
    High enchant effects

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