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Steam Forum Intrusion
Mirraluka  posted on Nov 21, 2011 11:38:53 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Mirraluka:
Well DMC101 its the principle why should Steam be able to interfere with a man or women who does not play on-line like i do not and yet have given me so much ****y grief over different things which have nothing to do with my circumstances,and thats why i hate Steam so much they are way,way far too powerfull for a company that dictates to members and i mean dictates,i.e send us your CD key send proof of purchase,scan and send via email,at my age i don't need that kind of C-rap, and in a friendly way DMC how many users on cheat happens really like Steam,from my xp i would say a lot.anyway thats just me being an awkward old fart lol but i'll still be on cheat happens when i am 70 god willing and cheat happens also lives, coz its getting harder every day for us all.

But if a game has been properly installed it can be added to Steam without any hassle at all. Games bought through Steam are even easier to install. Steam's pretty convenient too since it can be used to buy games, has features that let you browse the net in-game and has the chat function. It's fine for me with online and offline games.

Also, I wouldn't say Valve is that powerful of a company. Steam is popular with PC gamers from what I can tell, but it's not like every computer in the world has it.

As for things like verification, it's necessary given how much piracy goes on.

Regarding the downloading theory from Steam for example you have 200 games on your pc's hard drive ok now here is my problem with Steam your PC's hard drive then dies on you,you have to re download your games from Steam and in the UK not like most of the States we or should i say my area doe's not have cable my download speed is 6 to 8 meg if i am lucky that aside,thats why i purchase all my games on CD. i do not play on-line and thats is my sole issue and the fact that Steam has interfered with my life so much in the past,now if i played online then i could understand why Steam controls my running or loading my game.Piracy is a Technology problem that can only be solved by making the disc secure,i know don't tell me Limewire Frostwire and the likes and Torrents thats not my problem its the studios and big business to solve, not congress or my parliament in the UK,and i am not being naive about piracy the internet is there and we cannot stop the bad people from doing no good on the net.

QueenNic  posted on Nov 22, 2011 8:09:30 AM - Report post

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You know you don't have to copy and paste, just tick the "Include quote in reply" box.

It's not like you have to download all of your games though, and it's also not like you have to re-download every single game at once. (200 games on a hard-drive sounds like wasted space, it's better to only have a few installed) I have around 15 games on Steam, four of which I own on a CD, but I only have four installed at any given time because I like having space on my hard drive. However, I still find it much more convenient downloading from Steam because if my PC crashes I don't lose my progress with the installation. (Also I'm terrible for damaging or losing CDs, but that's me)

If you play offline I don't see how Steam can even interfere that much with you. You're not using Valve servers to play, and running games via the Steam client is hardly a hassle.

Piracy is your problem, it is my problem and it is everyone else's problem. It's the same as being in school and one person has to be a douche and everyone else suffers for it, everyone will be punished because some people decide to get a game illegally instead of buying it. (And to anyone else reading this, "I was checking to see if I should buy it" is NOT an excuse) If the companies making the games lose too much money to piracy then we suffer because they'll just make fewer games and we lose excellent titles. It could easily result in stopping CD releases altogether (I believe you'd suffer with that one). As for making disks more secure, for every advancement there will be people furiously working around it. Disks are going to become obsolete sooner rather than later.

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