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Locked Topic  Admin please do not delete my posts
Mietek001  posted on Nov 04, 2011 10:37:36 AM - Report post

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Why my topics with game that crashes using trainer is getting bumped and deleted since yesterday. Not only people pay, trying to be careful where to post(which I did correctly) so my topic gets deleted every time. That's what I pay for so admin can do as it pleases cause there is no answer to my topic?

I got unlimited membership for life and all I get from admin is deletion of my topics cause no one gives a damn. I keep looking for an answer to my question all over and there is none. Perhaps you guys just tell me.... WE do not know why it crashes please do not post it anymore. Now im ****ed!

Katarn232  posted on Nov 04, 2011 10:43:42 AM - Report post

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The reason:

You are supposed to post all problems relating to the trianer, in the official trainer thread. if you cant be bothered to follow the rules, you have no right to be mad.

Also Link
The Mega Sticky of Rules and Information

[Edited by Katarn232, 11/4/2011 10:45:55 AM]

Caliber  posted on Nov 04, 2011 10:52:25 AM - Report post

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no only that, we have responded to these (same) 'problems' and 'issues' over and over...

let me post (the same) reasons (for the dozenth time) so that you can stop asking the (same) questions and getting the (same) answers.

i collected all of this in one place just for you since you are ****ed!


the instructions clearly say TURN OFF OPTIONS when not needed-

I used every option on the new DLC Shogun 2 and it works perfectly I went 10 turns with no problems. I conquered 2 provinces and I created buildings, units, and mastery of the arts research. I used XP and ranking options and etc.

people are turning on options and NOT turning them off. that is likely what is fubar their game. in fact if they did this 2 turns ago, it may not crash the game right away, etc. I don’t know of another way to do this other than how we been doing it the last 3 games in this series. this is nothing new- turn options on then do stuff then turn them all back off and then end turn.

if you (for whatever reason) think the trainer is causing your crash before you enter combat, then save the game before combat then restart game and enter combat with no trainer attached. i am not having this issue here so i cannot replicate your problems.

we are using LEGIT STEAM version of the game, BTW-


this option was added to trainer to prevent the game from detecting the trainer during certain events (end turns, before battles, etc.) USE IT!

Numpad /: Options Off - turns off all options. You know options are OFF when you hear
DEACTIVATED. Press again to re-enable the trainer (Funds, Skills, XP and Rank options
cannot be used while trainer is deactivated). Use this before entering battles or as an
easy way to ensure the trainer options are off before turns. Trainer is in ACTIVATED
mode automatically when it first starts. If certain options are not working when pressed
make sure to press this key again to hear ACTIVATED to allow them to function again.


a post from pwizard (there are several like this) describing WHY this game crashes while using mods and trainers:

You guys can thank the game developers for adding all kinds of new scanners which detect any changes and then crash the game if detected. Why they decided to add this in their ** 25TH ** update to this game is beyond us. We have added a new OFF function along with an updated readme to the latest trainer. This is the best we can do at this time.


now WE are getting ****ed that you don't think we've addressed your problem. there's been like 50000 downloads of this trainer and we updated it over 28 times due to patches and game protections. THERES ONLY SO MUCH LEGALLY WE CAN DO OR WILL DO WITH THIS GAME.

now please BE INFORMED and quit whining that we haven't addressed your questions. we keep deleting them because we've responded and you can't or won't comprehend that there is nothing more that can be done about it. i can play the game without incident if i am careful with the options and turn them off when not needed, etc.

i hope this will help you since you apparently keep looking for answers and couldn't find the (dozens) of times we addressed all of this.


Mietek001  posted on Nov 04, 2011 10:54:45 AM - Report post

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I did that and thats where problem starts. I keep doing that since ysterda regarding trainer 4358 and yet topic gets deleted

thats what I could not find. I was searching for it butsearch found nothing of that so I kept asking.
Anyway. Thank you for your time.

[Edited by Mietek001, 11/4/2011 10:57:03 AM]

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