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Creative uses for the CH trainer.
MovieBuff333  posted on Oct 10, 2011 7:35:13 PM - Report post

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This game doesn't always make the trainer perform as expected. Sometimes it makes the trainer's speed/brake/jump functions only work on other cars. Use that to your advantage.

Some of the races are just annoying, like the mandatory yellow missions (need to do to unlock the next story mission) that are races on dirt roads or with those buggies that spin out too often.

Using the super speed (option 1) can really help in a race but sometimes it doesn't work on you just your nearest opponent. You can use 7-jump or 7-jump then 2-brake to overtake them quickly. Or you can come up behind them and 1-boost into them for a lot of damage (followed by a 3-heal).

But if they REALLY annoy you and the race is ticking you off...then do this:


Go through the first 3 or more checkpoints of the race and 4-MARKER a teleport point. You can now wreak havoc with this marker in races since the checkpoints have to be crossed in order. So when you get close to other racers tap the 7-JUMP to see if they hop but you don't...then 5-TELEPORT to banish them to that marker you made.

If you needed to restart the race (or set a marker in another race...very evil) then they get confused since they can't see back past a checkpoint that they should have cleared. But if all you did was send them back a couple or a few checpoints they will try to do the race from there normally to catch up & win. Either way you can take your time with the race and get it completed.

This is especially handy during the team races where both car A & B need to be in the 1st & 2nd. Banish the other cars and make your way through the race.

You can also use teleport cheats on hard missions where you need to get from a start point to an end point within a time limit. Or a certain mission where your passenger is dying and you need to keep their heart rate above 30 til you reach the hospital. When you're about to lose the mission, save the location with 4-MARKER. Then as soon as you start the countdown, 5-TELEPORT and continue from there to the hospital.

I realize the reasons no one out there on any other sites have made timer cheats, and it would be great but not expecting one, but this is how you can make this trainer work harder for you. Jun & Ayamu never had it so good. (Grin)

YndiHalda  posted on Oct 11, 2011 10:51:46 AM - Report post

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^_^ I i will use this.
MovieBuff333  posted on Oct 12, 2011 4:32:58 PM - Report post

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Another use I discovered today is to use the teleport cheat for protection missions. So with the missions where you drive a truck to a location and then fend off cars that are going to ram it while it's parked...do this:

Set a teleport marker somewhere far from the mission area with 4-MARKER.

In the case of the mission with the two security guys in the car and you have to protect it, once you park it and trigger the video scene then press 3-HEAL and just as the video ends press 5-TELEPORT to send the truck to your teleport marker. Now all of the attackers swarm the area where you were supposed to be parked and if they're smart enough to retarget the new location then you have lots of time to crash the attackers before they even reach the truck.

In the case of the truck-for-evidence mission where you park outside the lab, you don't get the same chance. Jump into a vehicle close to the truck you're protecting. Notice you can't 1-BOOST? Tap the 7-JUMP to notice the truck jumps. Now banish it so the attackers will swarm an empty space.

The other way of doing this is by taking over vehicles behind the attackers since the 1-BOOST doesn't work on your car right away in this situation (entering a new vehicle close to an enemy). Tap the 7-JUMP to confirm the enemy jumps and then 5-TELEPORT to banish them to your far marker. Repeat as necessary until the timer runs out and then go smash up all the attackers.

Of course, since these cheats were so effective at taking the pressure off, I noticed by the time I figured them out that I had become pretty good at driving without the cheats. But if you get too frustrated with a game then you need some winning to avoid uninstalling the game out of frustration.

Happy gaming!

kaizer88  posted on Oct 13, 2011 9:03:51 AM - Report post

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Wow thanks a lot... this is happened because there are no UNL TIME feat in this kind of game, time always give unnecessary pressure & make the game way not funny

Of course, if u had superbd reflex & handy hand like Jordan or else, plus ample times just to playing games in your life, it wont be a problem... but I dont

So thanks once again Bro for your advices... too bad there are no unl time feat in the trainer to ease our gameplay, I believe its way more important than brakes or accel though

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