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games why are we paying more for less
benduhova  posted on Sep 12, 2011 12:23:14 PM - Report post

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Ive been using cheathappens website for many years now and have always read the reviews and members thoughts on any game i was wanting to purchase to see if i should or not.
But ive noticed in the passing years that what people except from there gaming experince has severly diminished.Think back to dow1 series with addons over 9 playable races a decent story and skirmish play and then to sumpremecommander2 3 races dumbed down gameplay and cartoonish animation
awesome fps such as killzone and crysis farcry1-2 halflife where not only fun but took over 15 hours+ to complete which was expected by the gamers.Now fps struggle to take over 8 and no really cares as long as it looks pretty.
Games we brought where ours for life now we buy a license which can be taken away with no reason with no refund
What are your thoughts
Skaldond  posted on Sep 12, 2011 2:36:31 PM - Report post

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one word: disappointing.
you chunk out a large sum of money on a game just to find out its either way to short (would name one i own but the name escapes me), or full of bugs that breaks it completely (ultima 8 for a example)
AdabrBrcol  posted on Sep 12, 2011 6:24:41 PM - Report post

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Struggle to take over 8 hours. I wish... well though W40k Space Marine seems like it might take a little bit for the SP becauses it has 5 acts. Normally its 3-5 for FPSs today because they are putting more on Multi-player (which sucks soon after release and then dies after a month or so). MW3 would be a future example of this.

I am more a RTS, Turn-based, RPG gamer. They haven't for the most part been able to force RTS players into multi-player realm because of things like this example, the game 'Sengoku' released by Paradox. The idea of that as MP would be insane. 1 game if you play 2 hours every day might take a month (if you don't set the speed to "Super Fast".

In the RPG realm, we are about to have the release of Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim. That is going to be SP and is going to be worth the money because of both the fact that you will get good playability plus mods (Offical+players).

As to buying a license vs Owning a game for life. Half or more of my games that i own a box+cd (and an item called a Manual, a lost art these days) don't work on today's computers sadly. Digital Distribution services like steam and gamersgate seem to allow old games to be played on today's OSs. Now as to losing the license for no reason, it hasn't happened to me yet so i can't comment on that.

Something tells me i answered none of your questions or ideas you requested thoughts on.

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benduhova  posted on Sep 12, 2011 6:38:22 PM - Report post

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not at all you answered by giving your opinion which what was i wanted(try saying that fast three times) you didnt have to agree
RageaholicRick  posted on Sep 16, 2011 6:22:17 PM - Report post

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I agree with both of you guys in different ways. The overall single player, offline play on most games out today are a little dissappointing in the FPS genre, as well as a few others. Now, I like multiplayer as much as the next guy, but I also like to sit down with a few buddies and play some offline co-op, or to actually play the story mode before I jump into the multiplayer, and when those parts of the game are barely there, or non-existent, it is a real let down to me.
Dhampy  posted on Sep 16, 2011 7:37:15 PM - Report post

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Take solace in games being essentially the same price now as they were twenty years ago.

If inflation were to be taken into account, they should cost almost a hundred bucks.

You're getting less game, but you're paying way less.

HotJellyToast  posted on Sep 16, 2011 8:40:34 PM - Report post

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I do notice now that a lot of games just don't go that extra mile anymore. Games from earlier times like Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda series, Perfect Dark, 007 Golden Eye, and Morrowind had some great gameplay and took you good long time to beat making it, in my opinion, worth the money. I also miss being able to do offline co-op. Now to play with your friends it's more costly.

If you use xbox 360 not only will both of you have to buy the game (includes PS3 games too) but you also have to pay for online memberships. What happened to just plugging in another controller and your good to go? With a lot of games except for fighting games and things like rockband requiring you to play multiplayer ONLINE ONLY, buying more than 1 controller for your console seems like a waste. As for paying more for less, that was really evident in Oblivion. There was so much less to do in Oblivion! Less weapons, less choices for your armor (no choice of shoulder pad and mix matching gauntlets, boots etc.) way less skills. Skyrim does same thing but thankfully adds stuff too but is making it too hand holding in my opinion. A spell that lights a path to your destination is really hand holding right there. and the fact that attributes just consist of health, magika, and fatigue. Skills are less again too. Athletics and acrobatics arte combined, mysticism is gone, instead of block or blunt it's now 1 handed or 2 handed. Now I'm still getting the game of course (have it pre-ordered) but I just hate it when earlier versions of a game had a broad selection of things to do and enough help just to get by with but then a later version takes out some selections on things to do so it's simpler and help has been boosted to the point you don't even need to think about where you need to go or what to do.

Lol well I've typed more than I thought I would but I really hate being disappointed for getting a small ammount of gameplay out of a game for the price I paid because a lot of it is supposed to be the online play and pvp crap I don't care about.

benduhova  posted on Sep 16, 2011 9:49:23 PM - Report post

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dhampy games are a hundred dollars or very close where i live and ps3 are 100+
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