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Unbreakable  posted on Aug 30, 2011 8:02:18 AM - Report post

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Regarding the Cheats & Hints.

There is only one other Glitch topic on this board, Link, so I figured I would put one up. I'm sure we could all Youtube Link or go to the Fallout Wiki (Fallout 3 Portal) and search for glitches/bugs on there Link, but I thought it would be nice to have somewhere here where we, who still play Fallout 3, can discuss glitches that we have found that are not posted anywhere else, or just anything involving glitches for Fallout 3.

I found two BoS Initiates today that supply me with infinite grenades by pick pocketing them. One, who is holding a Laser Rifle, you can pick pocket, and he has One Frag Grenade, and 14 or so Microfusion Cells for his Laser Rifle. If you pick pocket the grenade, the next you you pick pocket him, he will have another one. If you pick pocket his ammo, he will start throwing grenades, to which you can no longer pick pocket from him, but you can pick pocket his Laser Rifle. I haven't checked to see if it duplicates or not.
The same goes for the two guys who are boxing in the ring. One has nothing, the other has a Frag Grenade. You can pick pocket him, and he will also always have another grenade when you pick pocket him again. Be careful, because one time a random grenade dropped and killed the other BoSi, and the one with the glitch was boxing the air.

I know of other glitches, and I'm sure a lot of you do, so feel free to share them here.

Don't just start copying glitches off of the Wiki, please. I did provide the link, but be more original with referencing glitches. You can make reference to one, and provide a link to a page that talks about it specifically, but don't just start copying ones from the Wiki, etc.. Thanks.

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I have completed the main story without doing "The Waters of Life" Quest, so I have Project Purity activated, and my dad is still alive. He wont leave Rivet City or even have the dialogue for speaking with Dr. Li, because she isn't there, and I cannot complete this quest now, but it's a cool glitch.

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