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  Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trainer
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    Send a message to Glasgowprince
    Glasgowprince posted on Jan 19, 2014 3:13:35 PM - Report post
    Still not working with Director's Cut build
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    drfunk2028 posted on Jan 30, 2014 1:12:23 AM - Report post
    Any update when we might see an updated trainer? Can't wait to get back into this game again and see the Directors Cut
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    Send a message to Spinalfluid
    Spinalfluid posted on Feb 01, 2014 10:24:21 AM - Report post
    No idea, we've been wanting one for like an enternity, perhaps PM an admin or something, don't think they're reading the deus ex "themed" forum subjects
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    Send a message to Sanuku
    Sanuku posted on Feb 03, 2014 1:34:27 AM - Report post
    Would be great if we could get here a update for the Trainer. Thanks.
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    Send a message to Omni
    Omni posted on Feb 03, 2014 3:22:59 AM - Report post
    Maybe someone should say please.
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    Send a message to Caliber
    Caliber posted on Feb 03, 2014 7:54:16 AM - Report post
    originally posted by omnipotentparia

    Maybe someone should say please.

    maybe someone should post exactly what has updated. this collection of titles has been a giant time sink and ridiculous nuisance when it updates because of the following:

    there is deus ex original game, then deus ex missing link, then there is deus ex director’s cut. each of these requires COMPLETELY NEW RESTART of the game from scratch. the directors cut is a completely new named .exe and new ‘boss battles’ and etc. which supposedly combines the normal deus ex and the missing link into one package. it literally takes 3 hours to progress into the game where you finally get ‘energy’ and can cast the ‘spells’ stuff. I have played the game TWICE already in the deus ex, then with the missing link. the same offsets for everything else (‘except energy’? then I guess) worked on all three games. why ‘energy’ doesn’t work on the director’s cut I have no idea, since I cannot test it here since I haven’t played the game for three more hours for the third time. but let me go over the entire thing again..

    1) save games are not swappable, either between gamers, nor between versions of the game.
    2) you can’t ‘start from’ the location you were at in previous versions, you HAVE to start over.
    3) what “isn’t working"? did one or more of these games update? if so which ones?
    4) we’ve gone over this in postings on the site.
    5) I have read the threads and because of the various versions and confusion I don’t have a consensus of which game version has or hasn’t updated.
    6) steam in all it’s glory lists all three games in the games list, but once you have purchased and installed the director’s cut, you can NOT go back and install vanilla deus ex. it auto sends you to the director’s cut. so I have NO IDEA if the old version updated or not and literally cannot do anything about it if so. if this isn't the case on YOUR system, its the case HERE.
    7) this game has the anti cheat scanners in it. so the trainer has to be done via pointer chain and other methods. this means, that without being able to run the game and verify the pointer chain, I cannot confirm if options work or not. the ONLY thing I cannot test is the energy option, since it occurs later in the game. LIKEWISE, I cannot test vanilla deus ex AT ALL since we own the directors cut which mitigates the normal game (as well as your savegames are useless then as well). so updating this trainer isn’t like scan and search 10 second thing. I have to locate the ‘base’ address within the .exe and then remap the entire chain

    so perhaps people can post

    1) which game version are you playing? are you sure you are using the correct trainer with it? i.e. director's cut vs. normal version

    2) if it is just energy that isn't working in the director's cut, we are aware of the problem for some people. however, we haven't played the game for the 3 third time for three hours to reach when you can finally use the energy.

    3) what isn't working?


    Trainer Creator
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    Send a message to LordJB
    LordJB posted on Feb 04, 2014 4:51:33 AM - Report post
    The normal version and the missing link "DLC" should not have updated for a long time, the Directors Cut edition did get a update to fix a number of issues however but that was back on November 18th.

    It fixed this:

    AI-related bug fixes.
    The bug causing disappearing personality dialogs in the Chase & Chet - Wagner conversations has been fixed.
    Miscellaneous fixes for a Sarif conversation when using pheromones.
    Texture issues in Sarif HQ, Detroit, Hengsha and TYM have been fixed.
    Texture tiling issues in Adam's apartment and other parts of Detroit have been fixed.
    Issues relating to sounds becoming 'stuck' have been fixed.
    A bug that could cause music to not play during the "walk and talk" intro sequence has been fixed.
    Audio glitches between level loads have been fixed.
    A bug causing the "incoming commentary" trigger to activate when the commentary system is disabled has been fixed.
    A bug causing music to stall when alt-tabbing has been fixed.
    A setup dialogue allowing changes outside the game has been added.
    Text-language selection option has been added/fixed.
    Issues with language-switching not functioning properly have been addressed.
    Some performance optimizations have been added.

    (Which is strange because this version - as a re-release and update of the original game + dlc - should have fixed existing issues and other changes, not introduced new problems.)

    The "burger" mod or developer menu unlocker was updated a bit later and does work so I've not used the trainer much myself but I hope this helps.

    As for the original Deus Ex Human revolution there doesn't seem to have been any changes in over a year.


    Same for Missing Link


    And this Director's Cut edition is seeing activity every couple of days but the "branch" that we normal consumers get hasn't been updated in a while though since there's activity there will probably be a new patch eventually.

    (Awesome website for keeping track of changes to Steam titles, for when you forget to check the client for downloads or if there's some other updates to the game such as hidden beta branches for future content or DLC.)
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    Send a message to Grimmyke
    Grimmyke posted on Feb 04, 2014 8:20:05 AM - Report post
    Thank you
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