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View on dreams?
Whit3Ghost  posted on Jul 03, 2011 6:09:26 AM - Report post

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I've been having odd dreams lately and some recent ones were most familiar yet rather unusual.

I've come up with a theory that I liked (lol) but I also wanted to see what anyone else's opinion on the dreams that our minds create?

My theory is that common dreams hold us from the truth in our lives, but unusual dreams, such as many of mine, can give you the sense that your creative.

Anyone else have a theory? Mine might be off.

Degari  posted on Jul 03, 2011 7:12:29 AM - Report post

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Dreams? My theory on dreams?

Oh dear, this might take a while.

I think that dreams reflect whatever is on our mind. Anything. Ranging from a particular emotion we're having at the time to a complex situation that's affecting our lives.

Dreams can also reflect memories, even ones we've 'forgotten'. I know I have a few memories I dreamt about, and when I talked about them later, my mum, or a relative would go 'Oh, you're talking about that time when and such and such happened'.

So far, I've explained that dreams pretty much reflect whatever is on your mind, and often bits and pieces of a number of things, such as a location, people, emotions, fears and wants, coming together to make something that appears to be a complete mess.
In some cases, things would represent something, something that the mind already knows and has come up in our subconscious, but since it can be so dodgy or whatever, it ends up being symbolic, so it's up to our concious to figure it out. Like a dolphin might represent someone who is playful or happy.

Essentially, dreams reflect what we know.

But then I expanded on this theory, and the rest is something I'm still thinking about.

If dreams can reflect memories, then what about the future, or memories we have yet to have? It could be possible, and this is simply my own, crazy theory, that we already know what the future might hold, and our dreams can reflect that, BUT knowing the future isn't always a good thing, and with some people, attempts to 'dig' deeper into the dream can result in pain, a sort of defence system I guess, to prevent us losing our minds in time itself. The memory hasn't actually occurred yet, but it will.
Once again, my own crazy theory that even I'm not sure about.
Bes  posted on Jul 03, 2011 7:21:14 AM - Report post

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Just based on my own personal experience with dreams, I can say with fair certainty that they are more than just jumbled up memories of the day before. I've experienced premonitions of things to come, and as some of you remember, I had a recurring dream quite awhile back that began to be physically painful. However, ever since I learned to control my dreams, and my body (to whatever small degree) while I'm sleeping, I've been much happier and no psychotic meltdown yet!
Whit3Ghost  posted on Jul 03, 2011 6:11:17 PM - Report post

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A recent dream I had that I now remember was a kind of physical dream, and I thought I'd like to share it with you guys.

It was me and a friend, plus to others. One of the two guys had car keys to this car that I had rightfully earned after winning a contest. He asked if I had a cold, or some kind of throat sore, I of course said yes, and he gave me the keys. Then as me and my friend are walking away... I start coughing and spitting mucus, and the feeling of it was so realistic. Unlike any dream I've ever experienced.

Dreams are the build-up of the events of our lives and the activities we engage in day to day. Much of course free time as in playing video games and meeting people. The human mind is indeed extraodinary, an unbelievable creation to humans. Did you know it's all liquid? I was told it's almost like jello.

The investigation for me is ongoing.

Unbreakable  posted on Jul 05, 2011 6:27:18 AM - Report post

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I don't know exactly what to think of dreams.

Sometimes, I get vivid dreams of something that hasn't happened yet, and than not too long after I have the dream, exactly what I dreamt will happen. It's very spooky.

Other times, I dream things that are so insane, that it could never happen.

The most recent dream I can remember having was very vidid; so vivid I felt like I was still in it when I was in the half-asleep-but-you-know-you're-awake phase.

Basically, I was sitting on the bus waiting to leave after school, and my sister said she forgot something and would be back in a minute. She runs inside, and I looked at the bus driver; who was not my normal bus driver, as well as a lot of the people on my bus not being recognizable.
Anyways, so my bus driver starts to back up, and turns and runs the bus onto the front of the school, which has now suddenly changed into the back of what my elementary school looks like, and the top of the bus has disappeared. He somehow gets the bus through the double doors in the gym, and starts doing laps inside the gym. And in this dream, I can feel the bus shaking from the speed he's going, and I can feel and hear the sound of the wind rushing by, because for some reason I was standing up. Then all of a sudden, my guidance counseller was in there, telling me to sit - as I look and see that the bus is heading back outside.

I woke up at this point, in the in-between phase, but I was literally shaking still and I could hear the wind rushing by.

I think that my view on life might help to explain the way I view dreams and how they come to be, but I digress.

WoogieMonster  posted on Jul 05, 2011 7:35:14 AM - Report post

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A lot of my dreams are related to the war, more specifically, my last few missions. They used to bother me quite a bit, but now I tend to just ignore them.
forty-two  posted on Jul 05, 2011 7:35:58 AM - Report post

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Congrats to those of you whose dreams mean something. The most thought provoking dream I've ever had was when a cop pulled me over for speeding and I paid him in pancakes.
In any case, I don't pay too much attention to dreams. Not only because I rarely do dream, but even if my dream is realistic and serious, it's all in my head. My own imagination. For that speeding ticket dream, I remember driving and seeing another car and all I thought was "Don't be a cop, don't be a cop". But thinking that ensured that it would be a cop. There was no significance. I didn't get pulled over for speeding in real life.
Whit3Ghost  posted on Jul 05, 2011 8:34:34 AM - Report post

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Dreams are like poo, there's no end. Although I will continue to find the theme of what my dreams come to be.

My recent dreams this morning were about me not being able to be on this fantasy baseball team, and the coach saying he doesn't draft right on the spot. "Not his way of doing things."

Another was this couple, husband owned a motorcycle and wife owned a lawn mower, and as I'm just getting to glimpse them the neighbors were literally moving their house right in front of them. So they move their motorcycle and lawn mower wondering if the neighbors need any help.

Last but not least, two chinese people, similarly to the Airbender series, were in some kind of house complaining about their living conditions. Then they somehow obtain Hawaiian Punch in the green flavor, then an older figure appears and is wonderous of why that drink is there.

As I think now, there's a chance that I control what I do in my dreams. It's the feeling I get when something occurs and I make a quick decision and experience what happens behind it. I put the Hawaiian Punch there.


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