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Zackman Got Racks
Zackman  posted on May 23, 2011 9:16:08 PM - Report post

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Gotta Car Lot In My Garage, Gotta Condo Down Near The Stars
Im Geeked Up Off Dem Bars, Gotta Car I Aint Even Gotta Park
No Key Push Button To Start, She Aint A Dime I Won't Get Hard
Got Hoe's Dat Need A Green Card, Say Ima Dogg But I Dnt Even Bark
Got Em Biting His Swag Like Sharks, When I Hit It Ima Knock It Out The Park
Trap Beat So Got Damn Hard, Got Kush Got Lean Got Bar
That RE RE Hard To Scale, Got Bricks Dnt Need No Scale
Im Plugged In With The Mail, Im Part Of The Cartel
That ReRock Aint No Clean, 62 Hundred For A Neen
Said **** It All Up On Jeans, Ima True Religion Phein
Got Bands In The Pockets Of My Jeans, Need A Kickstand Way I Lean
Promethazine Phein, Styrofoam, Sprite And Lean
Gotta Know I Keep Dem Racks, I Stay Counting Them Stacks
Dem Girls Want Leave Me Lone, One **** Now She Attaaaatched
Flow Hot Don't Need No Match, Sell Work Dnt Pay No Tax
Im Turned Up To The Maxx, Don't Even Know How To Relaaaax
I Drink So Much Damn Lean, Had To Wake Up On A Bean
Got Racks Off In My Jeans, Man Busting Out The Seams
Got Kush All In My Lungs, Get High Like Cheech and Chong
Eight-Hundred A Zone, Ain't Blowing It Less It's Strooong
She Hate On My iPhone, Catch Mine And Then Im Gone
This Girl Want Leave Me Lone, I Can Not Take Her Hoooome
Im Gone Off Them Bars, ***** Im Not A Star
Im Driving Foreign Cars, Strapped Up No Bodyguuaaaard
Got Campaign Going So Strong
Getting Brain While Im Talking On Da Phone
Spend Money When Ya Money's Long
Real Street Niggas Aint No Clone
We At Da Top Where We Belong
Drank Lean, Rose', Patron
Smoking On 1000 Dollas Worth Of Strong
When Cheathappens Bout To Hear Dis Sooonngg
Zackman  posted on May 23, 2011 9:20:35 PM - Report post

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Link Removed due to bad language in the video. (this site is for all ages)

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