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Introduce yourself!
xxjjrockerxx  posted on Mar 26, 2011 6:31:11 AM - Report post

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Hey. Round these here parts I'm known as JJ, even though that's a million miles away from my real name. I joined back in 07 after chancing upon some download codes for Spectrobes and I've been lurking in the shadows here ever since. Even though I've been here for 3 and a half years I'm by no means a prominent member of the CHU community but I'm always happy to help newer members find their feet.

I like wearing hats, I read too much manga, I watch Pokemon even though I'm 16 and I live pretty much exclusively on deviantART.

Unbreakable  posted on Mar 26, 2011 10:58:15 AM - Report post

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Hey there. I'm Unbreakable. I'm almost 18. I joined in '07 for Pokemon, like half of the people here. I was new to action replay and there were some great codes and people making codes. I joined to get in on the action, and ended up learning (on my own) how to make them and started making them for whoever asked.

Since then, i have attempted to get a little more involved in the community.

If I were to fit into any stereotype, I would be a Metalhead, though I am known as two things by my friends: Metal Hipster (because I apparently listen to bands no one has ever heard of) and as a Troll. I try not to troll on here though.

I frequent CHU, Troll Science, Memebase, and then Troll on Facebook.

I love video games, reading, music, computers. I hope to go to college next year for computer programming. I know little right now about it, but that's why I hope to learn next year. I find I have always been really quick to learn everything technological, and I find it very easy.

jane29  posted on Mar 26, 2011 1:06:56 PM - Report post

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Hey everyone, I'm Jane..
I've been here for about..four years I think? I don't even know, time flies fast. I'm a really outgoing and open person. If you're new here and need the assisting of an older member (ME OBVIOUSLY) then please PM me..
I always love getting messages and meeting new people
Uh, what else...?
I can tell you more about me if you PM me (yes, I'm a very lonely person lol)
trackah123  posted on Mar 26, 2011 10:54:45 PM - Report post

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Hi, well i already made another topic to introduce myself before this one was started but here it goes anyway.

My name is Trackah123, i'm 28 years old (almost 29) and i'm from The Netherlands.

I started gaming way back in like 1994 on the MSX 1 (Sony Hitbit) and then the awesome Commodore Amiga 500/Amiga 1200. After that to the PC of course. (a bit off-topic but) I also started creating music on the Amiga 500 with a program called Protracker, since then i never left the "Tracking-scene" and today thanks to this i work in a Music-studio in Rotterdam mainly Trance and Movie-orchestral music.

Reason i joined this site, well first of all i already knew for years this site makes awesome premium-trainers, second i am kinda of a lazy gamer nowadays, i certainly don't like to try for example Level two 30 times before i can finally move on to Level three.

Al-pucino  posted on Mar 26, 2011 11:38:35 PM - Report post

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Randomly typed in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland cheats on google and stumbled across cheathappens.com. Decided to become a member just so I could contribute to the discussion boards. Since then, I've found myself settled within the community. The people are amazing and it's always been a pleasure to meet new people.

Other than that, I'm a 22 and a half year old kid currently living in Kuala Lumpur. Born and raised in Indonesia, I moved in with my uncle in Las Vegas, Nevada at the age of 13. Spent a lot of my time there during my high school years. A few short years after graduating, I worked at my uncle's tattoo parlor in South Nevada as a tattoo artist. Travelled a lot to see some art exhibitions in places like Tokyo, Dubai, San Fransisco, Melbourne, and London. After a while, I got offered a job in one of Malaysia's top graphic designing companies right here in KL. Now here I am, living life to the fullest.

[Edited by Al-pucino, 3/26/2011 11:44:50 PM]

Degari  posted on Mar 27, 2011 3:35:01 AM - Report post

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Ooooh, new people?

Hi, I'm Degari and I joined up in 2010, so I still feel a bit new-ish. I joined up when I was going through one of my 'play every PS2 game I have' phase and I wanted to make the gameplay in Jak and Daxter a bit more interesting.
I found a couple of things that I could answer, signed up, answered them, discovered the blog feature and hung around ever since

While I'm a bit slow when it comes to video games (I'm the type of person who waits a bit for the price to go down before getting a game, and I've only been getting PC games since recently, long story there) but somehow I got Youngblood of the Year last year so I did SOMETHING right >.>

I'm a fairly nice person, absolutely despise trolls, I'm easily annoyed with flawed opinions, I hate being wrong and I'm a bit silly at times. I also live in Australia (jealous?) with my messed up family XD
I'm also 16, short for my age and struggling through school.

So yeah, if anyone wants to know anything more, I suppose chatting to me is the best way to go >.>

Unbreakable  posted on Mar 27, 2011 5:42:30 AM - Report post

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Okay Degari, we'll all chat to you when we wanna know something..

Also, to stay on topic, I'm 6' with long hair, green eyes, and trying to grow a beard. I've been taking CommTech class (Communications Technology) since last year (this is my second time taking it) even though I don't want to go into film or tv. It has inspired me to start writing my own screenplay...which I may end up just turning into some kind of story.

[Edited by Unbreakable, 3/27/2011 5:42:54 AM]

ghost42  posted on Mar 28, 2011 6:17:48 AM - Report post

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I'm Ghost, a 22 year old male Australian who looks like an elf with a hat.

Currently playing Disgaea (recently picked it up again), Terranigma (SNES action based RPG) and may play Seiken Densetsu 3 (another SNES action-RPG) again in my spare time.

I joined Cheathappens on 05/05/05 looking for how to unlock certain characters on Mortal Kombat Deception, back then my spelling and grammar where beyond bad (anyone who remembers when I joined can vouch for me).

I'm not the most social person (have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome) and my activity on here tends to rise and fall, so you may not see me often, but I'll be around on occasion.

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