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If you could do ANY kind of game..
Talic  posted on Feb 06, 2011 12:39:22 AM - Report post

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If you could do ANY kind of game, what kind of it would be? Please post as much information of the game what would happen in the game of your perfection, don't just say "teh pest gaem 4 lief". You can say multiple ideas of course

Metal Slug Rebellion with Multiplayer, sort of. The campaign or singleplayer one would be focused on the Rebellion side which means you command vast armies of rebels and conquer half of the world and then you defend it against those damned pesky commandos.

There would be region bonuses and minuses and you could recruit special units depending on region in campaign map/world map. For example:
Arabian regions would give you only arabian rebels (those sword guys) and pirates.
European regions would give you stronger infantry with higher cost (basic grunts with veterancy, taking multiple hits to die?).
Germanic regions would have same bonuses as europeans plus better tanks and couple of special units like Tiger/Leopard 2 tank and Sturmtruppe. (C'mon germans are the best tank creators of all time)
US regions would give infantry better weapons with higher cost than normal (automatic guns and homing things?).
Russian regions would have cheap infantry but with bad equipment (moar grunts to the slaughter, maybe even WW2 soviet look on them as basic grunts look WW2 nazis/Eastern German troops at Cold War, also bad equpment = more close combat than shooting).
Japanese regions would give Japanese Imperial troops.
Brasilian regions would give Ptolemaic army units and its Special Forces would be given after capturing British Isles (England+Scotland+Wales+both Irelands).
Some specialised regions would be needed to capture in order to get in space and acquire Martian help

Missions would range from capture city/town/enemy base/rural place/region to escort missions and defending of course. When capturing or escort mission comes, you would fight against Regural Army and sometimes when defending some commandos would try to break your base.

Before battle would start Player will choose one doctorine from 4 Doctorines which he can use:
Mechanized Infantry (Armors & infantry)
Airborne (Air forces & infantry)
Combined forces (Most expensive side but would contain Armor, Air forces, Aliens and infantry)
and Heroes (Morden, Allen O'Neil, Abul Abbas, Amadeus each of the heroes would have special bonuses).
Battlefield resources would be taken from resource points like in COH/DOW.

Multiplayer/skirmish would range from 1vs1 to 4vs4.
If fighting against AI you would able to choose its doctorine or put it random. Same doctorines would be usable as in Singleplayer.
Gamemodes would be Defend the Rebel Army Base, Defend the Regular Army Base, Annihilate the Enemy (both have bases and they attack each other), Area Control/King of the hill, Escort Missions.

I have other game ideas but I'll let them wait, I want to see your game ideas first.

Build-able buildings in battlefield would be all sorts of turrets/sandbags/trenches/gates/walls/stuff.
In campaign map buildable structures would be barracks/tank factories/research labs/etc. like in Medieval 2 total wars.

Oh and the game would be either 2D (Side scrolling) or 3D RTS like COH/DOW.

Reason for editing: Added more info

[Edited by Talic, 2/6/2011 11:55:10 PM]

Dhampy  posted on Feb 06, 2011 9:10:59 AM - Report post

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I'm copy/pasting some of my posts from previous threads, rather than retype everything.


I envision a game world that could be here on Earth or another universe, it doesn't matter.

The game mostly takes place on the fringes between empires. You are just an ordinary person, but events unfold around you that propel you into a position of great importance.

It would have a system of play similar to Oblivion or Morrowind, and I want that kind of feel in the game. 1st person, with the option to play 3rd person.

It would be an RPG, but also an adventure game. It would have multiple aspects of gameplay.

You'd be able to do just about anything, join any number of factions and do anything with them. If you join the military, you would fight in battles---real battles with real tactics, not unorganized melees with a half dozen dudes like the "battle" in Oblivion--but like RTW size battles. You may control them if you're in that position but if not, you're a pawn and you have to act like a pawn. Stay in formation--break the shield wall and you'll die. If you become a thief, you'd do thief stuff. A merchant does merchant stuff.

Technology would be a mix of Medieval and Victorian, with even some anachronistic stuff from the early-20th Century thrown in. It will require a singular character. Not steampunk in artistic style, but as if steampunk were actually real.

There won't be "magic" magic, but instead there would be a form of technology which would unlock latent mental powers. Like Psi powers in System Shock 2. Magic sans "magic".

But it wouldn't just occur in the hinterland between empires, but within the centers of those empires as well.

If you choose a course which takes you into the imperial households, adventure aspects will come into play. You won't be able to solve your problems by hacking someone to death, you'll need to use logic and manipulation.

Extremely good AI will be required as there will need to be thousands of ways to go about a task. It must be completely open to be worth a damn.

All paths will have to eventually take you through an imperial household, but it will always be different.

Each city will have to be utterly unique. Each empire so different from the other that it would be night and day.

All items and clothing would be completely customizable so unique things will be constantly being created. There would need to be an in-game editor to make new items from scratch or from a collection of attributes.

This could very well work as a multi-player game, but it will be nothing like Warcraft. There will be no guilds or parties doing quests--unless you happen to be ordered to work together by your superior in whatever organization you belong to--you could be side by side with human players in a battle and never know it. But when you ascend to a certain point of progress in the game, it would have to become single-player.

I haven't fully worked out a plausible story, but it would be variable depending on your actions. Perhaps your overall goal will be to conquer the other imperial capital, or perhaps it will be a palace coup in your own. Or switching sides or leading a lost heir to his throne. It will depend on your choices.

On the other hand, if you don't want a main quest, you would be free to not pursue it. The game wouldn't be any less fun if you like to make chairs and sell them. Those looking for an MMO experience would no doubt find this advantageous.

The depth of play would also be variable. If you want to be simplified, that's fine. If you want it so in depth that you have to physically have your character use the bathroom and sleep for 8 real hours a night, that's fine too.

It won't be an rpg or an action game or an adventure game so much as an experience of a complete alternate universe.

It also is practically impossible, but that's OK.

Dhampy  posted on Feb 06, 2011 9:11:35 AM - Report post

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And a second one...


I had an epiphany whilst driving a few days ago.

I have always encountered at least a few militant Native Americans who say something like "when we take back our land...".

Let's say they did.

An apocalyptic event occurs--lets say a world-altering nuclear accident on the West Coast, just for an example.

North America has been depopulated except for the East Coast--it's say back to the original 13 as they existed in the 1750s. So, Virginia essentially ends at the Blue Ridge, Maryland at Frederick, Pennsylvania at Carlisle, etc... Except for isolated pockets of civilization all over the country.

Native American tribes have reclaimed much of the continent, etc.

You, as the player, are smack dab in the middle of everything. Let's say you start in the decaying ruins of a rust-belt city.

In this setting, the game would be very much like the feel and setting of STALKER, without the radioactive mutants and stuff--because the nuclear accident took place on the West Coast.

You have wild dogs and various small factions of humanity and native tribes.

You can move from this city to anywhere in North America--deeper into the West to find the nuclear accident site (although here you would encounter radiation and mutant monsters and stuff) or go East and visit the settlements on the coast.

There would be all sorts of factions with inter-tangling relations between them. One faction might be a part of another--like a regiment of an army: you aren't a member of Army A, you're a member of Regiment 1 or, even lower, Company Z. You'd be able to do any number of career-type paths or do odd jobs or be a beggar or whatever.

The game would really have no "point" except to do what you want. If you choose certain paths, it could result in an endgame scenario--like you advance so far in a legislature that you become Emperor of North America and then there isn't much else for you to do--you wouldn't dare walk around with your subjects because you'll probably be killed by them--besides order people around and then wait.

The focus, though, should be on the frontier. I really want this to be fluid and violent and unorthodox like the first few years of the French and Indian War, but with modern weaponry.

But your game would change quite a bit depending on where you choose to spend your time--if you go West, you'll battle mutants and do FPS stuff; if you go East, you'll do RPG stuff...

I'm just spit balling here.

Latiosmaster47  posted on Feb 06, 2011 9:56:13 AM - Report post

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Mine would be a Jeopardy game starring Will Ferrel, Weird Al Yankovic and Sean Connery.

Mine would actually be a game that has a battle system remarkably similar to Tales of Symphonia's, a character progression remarkably similar to final fantasy tactics' and a story that's remarkably similar to any and all of the Phoenix Wright games.

Darkish  posted on Feb 06, 2011 12:31:42 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Latiosmaster47

Mine would be a Jeopardy game starring Will Ferrel, Weird Al Yankovic and Sean Connery.

Mine would actually be a game that has a battle system remarkably similar to Tales of Symphonia's, a character progression remarkably similar to final fantasy tactics' and a story that's remarkably similar to any and all of the Phoenix Wright games.

You forgot Burt Reynolds...

Also mine would be a single-player game.

It would be an RPG and based on you, obviously the main character, customizable like most RPGs let you customize your character.

You were selected as a child based on genetics, to be part of a secret organization that has been running in secret since just before the rise of the Roman Empire. However the game would take place in modern day settings, that's just to let you know how old this organization is.

Anyway, this organization is secret, because the public does not know about it. However, members of the organization have high ranking positions in governments and military organizations throughout the world.

You, as an infant, selected because of genetics begin your training (similar to Spartans) and this organization trains these people to be the best in the world at everything. They learn many languages, many forms of martial arts, survival skills, memory skills, mind-control skills, which means you have control of your own mind, for example you can control your heart beat and have a near-infinite memory to help you learn many languages very quickly.

Not everyone who goes through this training is able to learn everything...only a few are, and many die. However you are one of those few people who become one of the best agents of this organization. Those who do not learn everything are still agents of the organization, just not the best. And not everyone is trained like this. Just those who pass the genetics test. Everyone else is trained and part of the organization, just specifically trained in a certain field.

Anyway, this organization, like I said before has people in high places all across the world and was also the real reason why America won the Revolutionary War. The organization took advantage of this and began planting seeds to be part of running the nation.

One of the top agents goes rouge, and these top agents are trained to be nearly invincible and you are assigned to track this agent down and kill him.

During this quest there will be many side quests...whatever you can think of. Basically you are one of the best spies or whatever you want in the world.

So yeah that would be a cool game IMO. Just thought of this all off the top of my head haha.

Talic  posted on Feb 07, 2011 12:12:41 AM - Report post

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Another game would be set on WW2 like Call Of Duty2 but this time with Axis factions (Germany, Italy, Japanese, other minor factions and of course FINLAND )
Players would have to fight through series of missions like in Call Of Duties, but after completing the "historic" way, players who replay the campaign would be allowed to change history which unlocks secret mission series.
For example:
Germans would be able to conquer British Isles, but US would retake it and we would be back on Normandy setting.
Stalingrad would be German victory and this would grant Finnish to capture rest of the Karelia under their rule.
D-Day would be coming and player could choose from there if he wants allies to win or would the germans heroic defending triumph that day.
After those missions we would go to Japanese front where player would also able to choose what would happen in there.
After those secret mission series would be done, new secret campaign would be open for Nazi Germany, United States, Brazil and Imperial Japan called "Operation Screaming Eagle" which means Japanese invasion to South America while Germans invade North America and US defending their land and Brasilian defending theirs.
Each side on secret campaign would have 8 missions which all would lead Axis victory, only different points of view.
kache  posted on Feb 07, 2011 6:18:56 AM - Report post

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Mind-controlled fighting game. Complete freedom on the character and on the worlds.
That would be enought to kill my social life.
saurabhfzd  posted on Feb 07, 2011 7:00:23 AM - Report post

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a massive space based saga like Mass Effect or Star Wars.
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