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Cheating as easy as pie
JoeNightmare  posted on Dec 18, 2010 3:51:18 AM - Report post

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I'm sorry if this seems very unorganized.
Cheating made simple: Open save game in notepad and have some fun. I know someone already put this but i thought it would be good to touch on it a bit more.

The game designer made everything very simple and thus is very simple to mess around with. Near the bottom should be ben's stats, just change the stats to 100 because you can't go above that. You can also switch his name from here. You can also give any suriviors you have with you at the time 100 stats just because it's handy.

To get any weapon you would like set a useless weapon of the same class(ranged or melee) in your inventory alone. Find it and change it's name.

To change a bat to a katana find the bat and switch ItemClassName weap_bat /ItemClassName with ItemClassName weap_katana /ItemClassName

To change the starter pistol to an ak47 switch ItemClassName weap_38special_light /ItemClassName to ItemClassName weap_ak47_light /ItemClassName>

Also if you do this go ahead and go to NumRounds and give yourself 999 ammo.

Also you can change your base at will by going to the top where BaseType *your selected place* /BaseType is and just changing it from PoliceStation to Prison or School.

ALSO something interesting for you is that you can instantly get heavy barricades by placing where you want the cade to be, saving, and then going to Defences DefenceClassName barricade_Light /DefenceClassName to DefenceClassName barricade_Heavy /DefenceClassName

and CompletedModel Props\Barricades\Barricade_Level01_Var03 /CompletedModel to CompletedModel Props\Barricades\Barricade_Level03_Var03 /CompletedModel
Note: the var03 doesn't matter.

also while your at it change IsUnderConstruction true /IsUnderConstruction to IsUnderConstruction false /IsUnderConstruction

Also go to and delete TaskSaveData to /TaskSaveData of the build defence

For 999 food/meds/fuel go to a corresponding item, you can't get food from meds, and switch the number of units to 999 Ie. FoodUnits 999 /FoodUnits

Finally a word of warning. If you do choose to mess with the save, back it up. Also go not mess with the Guid s. Note: All > and < were removed in this.

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