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Overrated,isn't it?
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    s0denone posted on Dec 13, 2010 5:39:01 PM - Report post
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    gijigiorga posted on Dec 14, 2010 5:05:05 PM - Report post
    does anyone else finds it annoying when oppositions just pass you when they want and where they want in this game it drives me mad.
    i more and more tend to think that NFSU2, Most wanted and the Carbon were the peak of NFS series NFSU2 in tuning, Most wanted in storyline and Carbon in graphics. EA never made nothing better since (except Burnout i suppose abscess of storyline and tuning in this game was compensated by really mind blowing graphics and crashes of course).

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    Lunytrickz posted on Dec 22, 2010 5:52:27 AM - Report post
    I'm already tired of the game

    i hate the handling, there's just no grip / reaction 2 ya steering inputs

    2 me carbon was the best game
    i loved it (as a girl) smoking Corvettes
    with the less powerfull R8 on the more winding tracks & canyons
    there drivers skill & perfect cornering was rewarded

    in HP in race mode ya win a race
    the next race ya in front again driving perfect
    then the traffic makes it imposs 2 win again
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    CloneSRT10 posted on Dec 22, 2010 2:25:51 PM - Report post
    Well, yeah actually i was expecting a better soundtrack since the adrenaline rush the game gives should come with a rock, hard rock or even heavy metal songs just to fit the game's style. Overall, the game is fine but only 3-4 songs make my personal preference. Enphasis to Hadouken- Boomshock nice song ^^
    RIP Miura.
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    anlsykn1 posted on Dec 23, 2010 5:47:03 AM - Report post
    First of all this game was a remade of the old Hot Pursuit which was an arcade racer where u would race across gorgeous landscapes with exotic cars. Its a great remake and it has a ton a great cars.I Myself owned the first NFS Hot pursuit i remember the MC Laren LM being one of the fastest on it, they remade alot of the scenary also bringing back the giant woods area and the ocean side views, i love the weather changes also, the game does seem to get abit tedious and boring after awhile since it really dosen't offer much.

    On the other hand...i was also mad with this release, EA has been releasing nothing but crap for the past years seriously shift was crap and so was prostreet and carbon was just a fail, The best NFS so far is most wanted and Underground 2 imo , and if EA really would want to make us happy they should fuse those 2 games together and add more car customizations, BETTER AI,a bigger detailed map with day and night changes and other additions that makes the games lifespan longer. I myself enjoyed customizing my cars on underground 2 (GTR Skyline <33333), they even had interior customization Suicide Doors !!!! and you would be able to take pictures for magazines i thought that was pretty clever,anyways what ever has happened to EA? im sure that if they dont release another great game like MW or NFS underground 2 im surely going to buy forza motorsport 3 and 4 when it comes out, its ridiculous how long EA has lasted lol, us fans always buy their newest games to be sadly disapointed, you guys remember that quote? once you have had the best you wont never have anything else like it.. i believe its kinda like this. I enjoyed playing Midnight club dub edition because it reminded me of MW and NFS underground, guess what,DUB Edition was one of the higest sellers in the midnight club series also why? cuz its so similiar to NFS underground lol , so much content.

    The music never bothered me that much EA has great soundtracks and their "ghetto" rap music gets u into the suburban illegal street racing mood, i personally listen to any kind of music so this is all on POV.

    Anyways im sure i typo'd afew times ...meh to lazy to fix

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    v8 posted on Jan 22, 2011 12:43:02 PM - Report post
    HP2010 is close as you can get to the real NFS game before FnF movies messed up the game.The cop chases are best of any of the NFS games.Pure racing no ricing just you againt the oppents isn't that what racing is about?
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    miknic posted on Jan 22, 2011 11:33:02 PM - Report post
    I only hope more people are going to install patch 2 of the game.. because there are not many people online now It show only players who have installed patch 2
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    VisionHawk posted on Jan 31, 2011 3:46:58 PM - Report post
    I don't play online, I use Need For Speed World for that but I actually like this game. I was wondering what the patches were for since mine works beautifully. I do miss all the customizing options from Underground 2 and Carbon, though. I liked Undercover fairly well but not being able to get out of the cut scenes was annoying to say the least, plus, I beat the game way too fast without any cheats. I hated Shift and I imagine I'll hate Shift 2 if I get it. Not sure yet.
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