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ChaosX1987  posted on Nov 23, 2010 1:48:16 PM - Report post

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Okay just received my copy of Two Worlds 2 which was late already due to strikes going on here with mail system.

I install the game and run it a little later when in the character creation part i receive a overheat warning from my ASUS smartdoctor I see that temp is 101C i have the GTX 480 card which is know to have high temps but not this high when fan is at 100%
my drivers are up to date (also check them regularly every 2 weeks)
now this is the first time I Have had this problem.
I have tried under clocking I Have forced options of in nvidia control panel also in the in-game options I have turned every option to its lowest which helps in the sense that it takes longer to over heat but still within 4-5 minutes.

Looked on official forums but no helpfulness there as they like to blame it on dust (which i also clean every week with compressed air) and out of date drivers and if its nothing then they have nothing.

So does anyone have or had this problem and maybe have a solution?

I Have also installed the 1.01 fix.

Telapicus_old  posted on Nov 23, 2010 2:19:05 PM - Report post

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101c is normal for a 400 series even with fans at 100% you have to take factors into place is it a hot day, do you run a small case do you have enough cooling?.
nephilim  posted on Nov 23, 2010 2:34:54 PM - Report post

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What other games do you play? Some games use more of a 480 than others, especially in terms of the core. Some games attempt to use 100% of your GPU at all times while others, possibly even newer, better looking games may not use the same methods. Even if this is the only game you have that has ever had this problem, it may not actually be the software's fault, but rather a hardware issue being uncovered by software. (F'rinstance, Windows may boot and run just fine, most games may work, but some crashes and BSOD's can still be faulty memory.)

Do you notice stuttering video as well as overheating? (I mean only at the same time, not as separate occurrences.) That may suggest a hardware failure. While most electronics die instantly when their time has come, it is not uncommon for there to be just enough broken to cause problems without crossing the line to total failure.

To isolate the problem as being either software or hardware, run a max settings benchmark set to loop for a few hours and see if your GPU overheats again.

If the problem is indeed related to software, there really isn't much you can do. You might try to scale back the visual quality of the game to the lowest possible and see if the problem persists. You can download nVidia's PerfMon program and see how (and when) your GPU is sucking up enough power to overheat. Of course, if these fail your recourse is to either give up on the game or hope enough people have the same problem that it is addressed in a future patch.

ChaosX1987  posted on Nov 23, 2010 2:35:06 PM - Report post

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No it not a small case even added extra fan (HAF 922 housing)
its not hot here at all i think its about 19C here in the house at the moment.

So if 101C is fairly normal then what is the limit of the temperature? because its always been below 90C even in the summer on days where is was 30C inside and I don't play on low settings with any game always been max I think AvsP 2010 asked a bit of power for then it went to 94C sometimes with dx11.

so I just am afraid something might happen because I don't have a lot of money and this card took me a couple of months to save up for, so if the 101C is a acceptable temp then ill ignore it but then I would like the limit so I can keep an eye out.

(PS housing has 3 big 120mm fans and a small one at the back)

and thank you for the quick response

ChaosX1987  posted on Nov 23, 2010 2:43:49 PM - Report post

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No stuttering ever in anything and the games I play are well almost any game that comes out except for zombie stuff (sorry not a fan(don't hurt me)

I also recently ran a few benchmarks the heaven one from Nvidia and 3dmark vantage also no overheating also don't have any crashes or anything.

had some BSOD's but those were from some problems with my utorrent and kaspersky which is fixed now.

Also recently checked every memory module since those can cause BSOD's wich were fine.

Skyheart  posted on Nov 24, 2010 2:59:19 AM - Report post

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Well, on the forums you may get a lot of people telling you it could be dust, but it's reasonable to assume they may be right. Just because you use a can of compressed air in the openings, doesn't mean you're cleaning it.

For instance, mine is an 8800 with a big housing over the thing. I used compressed air to clean it through the vents, but when I finally opened it up, all I'd done was disturb the dust with the air. Because it was an enclosure, most of it couldn't escape so it just settled back down onto the card and clogged everything up again.

I'd suggest taking it apart piece by piece and thoroughly cleaning where necessary. I've found cleaning off the old re-applying the thermal paste has helped with my cards' temps.

Alternatively, it could just be the game engine. I've found that my card gets hotter than usual with TWII, even when compared with more resource demanding games. It's like the Gamebryo engine. Every game using that engine I'ved played has caused my card to bake (though never to the point of permanent damage thankfully).

ChaosX1987  posted on Nov 24, 2010 10:00:44 AM - Report post

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after looking yp the temp on nvidia where it says it can take 105C
I went to play it but often it still went over that although not higher then 108C.
I have dual screen setup which in most cases does nothing to the game making my card hotter only I turned the connection off to it thru control panel and it didn't get as hot so that seemed to have s alight effect only small tho was 103C still of course now I couldn't keep tabs on it like normal so not completely sure but I switched to desktop now and again.
I played it for 2 hours and no actual melting burning went on so I guess I'm still in the clear.
even put everything on high again because the lowest setting didn't make a difference so I think your theory/fact is right about the engine of the game being the cause.

thanks everyone for the input and tips.

ImportDezigns  posted on Dec 16, 2010 4:16:23 AM - Report post

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I am running 4 GTX480's in SLI, and even the 2 middle cards never break 95c during benchmarking/burn in. These cards are superclocked as well, with stock cooling.

I build gaming rigs as my 9-5, and I NEVER see 100c+ temps on ANY card, unless something isn't setup/optimized correctly. I've been building systems for the last 15 years, here are the most common/overlooked things I've encountered that can elevate GPU temps.

In no particular order...

1. Improper GPU overclock/voltages.

2. Bad fan control settings(this is VERY common with Nvidia cards. The fans dont fully speed up untill about 90c, which is far too late. Use Ntune,(or equivalent) to setup a custom fan profile, that forces the fans to 100% when the card reaches 80C, or just set the slider to 100% before a gaming session.)

3. Some power supplies suck cold air from outside the case, then internally expel hot air upwards, toward the GPU/PCI slots. (very commonon on older PSU's) Sometimes the PSU can be installed upside down, and just needs to be flipped, so that the hot air is directed downward.(make sure your case has vents under the PSU, and that your computer isn't sitting on carpet)

4. The computer is too close to the wall/desk behind it. This creates a superheated area between the computer and whatever area/wall it's located next to.

5. The blades/fins on the GPU fan appear clean, but internally the VERY small channels/fins that direct the air through the heatsink are blocked, or severely clogged. (very very very common if you own a pet, or the computer sits on carpet. The hair/fibers bypass the fan, and then snag on the heatsink fins)

6. Airflow into/out of the case is not setup correctly. The lower fans should be directed to suck in cold air, and the fans on the top half of the case should be directed to blow hot air out. This follows the "hot air rises, cold air falls" rule... (this easy fix can drastically lower internal case temps, and remove any "stale air" that might be recirculating, due to the fans fighting each other, instead of working together.)


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