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Locked Topic  So when was the policy changed?
SCHUMI_4EVER  posted on Nov 20, 2010 1:29:57 PM - Report post

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I once complained about how you guys make trainers permanently unlimited and back then you retorted that less than 10% of the files are Unlimited...so when did you change that policy?

I go and check on maybe 20 or so of the PC games released this month or last and they're all Unlimited only, not just are they all Unlimited only but every single one for every single game, not even the original version is open to the public (which is idiotic, at least give people access to that and limit yourselves to the latest patch, should still be enough incentive for people to go Unlimited otherwise they have to makedo without the patch and the fixes to the problem it provides). No Unlimited public release in 6 months just plain Unlimited Only. Every Single One.

So when did you change your policy to 98% are Unlimited (I did actually manage to find a retail version that was open to the public after writing this rant that's why it's 98% and not 100%)?
And don't tell me it's still a low percentage, including trainers from 10 years ago in that calculation, those weren't your work anyways.

You guys might as well stop wasting people's time and just turn your frontpage into an Unlimited Login or purchase window.

No wonder you have to name trainers hax0r is a pain in the ass every once in a while, he actually still serves the community rather than his own pockets and provides an alternative to your Unlimited lock-in. You've got it wrong though, he's not a pain in your ass, he's a pain in your pocket.

I mean damn I understand wanting to make a bit of coin especially cuz the few trainers of yours I can actually access are quality but you people are going way overboard lately and this time there really is no denying it like last time, any popular game and you have the trainer locked away (I guess you may still be trying a low percentage by having unpopular obscure games open the public but that's cheating).

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PWizard  posted on Nov 20, 2010 2:09:07 PM - Report post

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The policy changed when people like your beloved h4x0r started ripping our hard work and putting it out there in their "own" trainers. Games have gotten more and more difficult to train and it now takes about 10x as long to train some games than it did a year or two ago. Steam triggers, GFWL protections and all sorts of other anti-cheat protections are now being built into games and we have to sometimes re-route hundreds and even THOUSANDS of these measures in a single trainer release just so the SINGLE PLAYER game won't crash when the trainer is used. Then we get to do it all over again when the game patches every few days. Unlike people such as h4x0r and Brewers who only care about making trainers that software pirates can use, we actually put time and money into making trainers that legitimate game purchasers can use. You see, nice groups such as Skidrow take out all of these triggers so that h4x0r and others don't have to worry about them. Combine that with our options that are ripped and stolen and they are able to put out an identical trainer to ours in 30 mins when we just spent 3 days working it out.

As long as the software developers are intent on making it more and more difficult to cheat SINGLE PLAYER games and as long as people like h4x0r are being supported by people like yourself then we will have no option but to keep our files UNL ONLY. Otherwise we won't have the money to make new trainers and keep our current library of trainers updated with patches for over a year on each title.

The truth is that all of us here bust our asses EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK, weekends, holidays and all hours of the day and night in order to continue making products and updating past releases. People like h4x0r get to release a single trainer for a game where we get to update them 20+ times with every patch and hotfix that is released over the life of the game. If you don't feel that the price of a SINGLE VIDEO GAME is worth a LIFETIME membership to our site, then please move along.

Oh and by the way, this site is not called PC CHEAT HAPPENS. If you have a look at our mainpage you'll find that we post cheats, guides, reviews, wallpapers and tons of other content FOR FREE on a daily basis for every gaming system out there.

SCHUMI_4EVER  posted on Nov 20, 2010 2:32:04 PM - Report post

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Proof that he's ripping your work? Yesterday I observed him upload a trainer before you did and often the options aren't quite the same. I'll admit he mimics your work, but considering the options people want from trainers are generally the same and polished presentation is appreciated that's not surprising. It's kinda of how the guys at NFS whent and copied CodeMaster's GRID formula in SHIFT...did they steal code too?
And why if he steals your code so quick are there still games or at least patch versions only you have trainers to? Surely he'd be stealing those as well?

I understand you guys want to make money and I understand it's hard work, but exactly what point is there to locking a retail version away when a game is already on it's 3rd patch...? no Unlimited member will be download that retail patch anymore...
Especially if Hax0r has already managed to steal your code as you say he does? It's just ensuring people like me flock to him rather than enjoy your hard work.

Exactly what reason is there to lock the 3rd patch away forever when 3 years down the line with luck you'll have a person or two looking for that patch trainer every other month or so?

Don't you think there's an optimal balance between providing stuff for free and ensuring people still want to sign up for an Unlimited Membership better than we'll just turn it into a paysite? Don't you think if people could choose between your work and hax0r's that there would be a greater incentive to abandon him?
I certainly think you guys could keep the unlimited membership money coming yet still be smarter/friendlier and perhaps even defeat or at least lower an enemy's popularity in the process and gain new fans.

At the very least if you persist with this paysite policy then you've got to change this part in you Site Help/FAQ

Q: Why must I pay to download some of the cheats on your site where other sites are free?
A: Unlike most cheats sites which simply collect cheats and files (typically from sites like ours) we actually have programmers on staff and create custom cheats for most PC games that are released. We also spend a lot of time working with games to discover new and unique ways to cheat them. We will typically reserve these custom-made cheats for our premium members for a short period of time after they are released. Once this waiting period is over, the cheats are released to the public for all to enjoy. Some cheats do not get released to the public and are created as a value-added bonus for our premium members. Signing up and supporting our site allows us to continue spending the time necessary to create these unique and powerful cheats week after week. We also update the cheats when new patches are released and support all of the cheats we create on our message boards.

And the issue isn't whether or not I'm up to pay the price of a single game to get an Unlimited Membership...the issue is whether I condone such a completely moneyhungry beyond reason attitude by caving in and paying...

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Neo7  posted on Nov 20, 2010 3:07:56 PM - Report post

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Are you people honestly this lazy to read into how the website works?


Rule #4 states there is a way to get membership FOR FREE FOR LIFE for a task that's no harder than a 5-10 page history report. If you're this lazy to contribute back, I honestly don't care what sort of sob story you have for not having UNL Membership.

PWizard  posted on Nov 20, 2010 3:13:37 PM - Report post

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So why doesn't iTunes release their entire catalog of music for free after 2-3 months? Why not release a band's first album for free when there are newer albums that can be sold? The bottom line is that this is a BUSINESS. It takes hard working people to keep the business alive and it's not exactly worthwhile to work 15+ hours a day, every day of the week, FOR FREE.

If we are non-deserving "money hungry" individuals then so is every other hard working person in the world. Our bills don't pay themselves. Our web host doesn't give us free hosting and TERA-BYTES of free bandwidth every month. When was the last time you took your entire year's paycheck and gave it back to your employer? As a matter of fact, you should go to work Monday and tell them that you will be working for free from here on out.

We have been extremely generous in what we have given to the public in the past and what we continue to give to the public on a daily basis. We offer numerous ways of obtaining an UNL membership, some of which COST NO MONEY AT ALL, simply a bit of your time in exchange for all of the time we put in every single day. I actually get people that have LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS email me EVERY SINGLE DAY about donating MORE money to the site as they feel our fees are minuscule compared to the work we continue to produce.

Again, our policies will continue to change as long as the landscape continues to change and people like h4x0r continue to rip us off.

SCHUMI_4EVER  posted on Nov 20, 2010 3:14:21 PM - Report post

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It's a lot harder than a 5-10 page history report actually. I've tried but I can't get a FAQ done that's anywhere near decent, my playstyle is centered too much around repetition and backtracking. I've already started and then abandoned on 3-4 games already because I couldn't pick up the flow of the game and was triggering things too haphazardly.
Plus I'm limited in my game choices because how much I cheat (plus I'm primarily a racing gamer), I can't for instance give advice on how to fight a boss if I'm smacking him around with unlimited health..and without that I suck at playing.

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SCHUMI_4EVER  posted on Nov 20, 2010 3:28:29 PM - Report post

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Music is first of all Timeless, unlike games which expire this way or that due to the nature of the hardware they run on. And they don't have 3-4 versions of the same track with some slight changes.
Lastly and this is the most important point of all music is actual media...a trainer is nothing but a mere addon to media, on it's own it's as useless as a hello world program created by some guy in his first programming class.

Also you seem to miss-understand I don't mean you should give everything away for free, I accept that you guys have costs and you deserve some reparation for your work, but there's a point past which no extra money will be made and people will only be annoyed. You don't care about that point at all.
It's especially pointless to hold onto the Unlimited status for a trainer h4x0r has apparently already ripped...unless he's not actually ripping your stuff and you're just trying to get people to stay away from him by tarnishing his rep.

And I say again where's your proof that h4x0r is ripping you off? I actually asked him to make a trainer for Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY for me since as usual you've got it locked away (and I failed at downgrading the game itself for the 1.1 trainer) and he asked me where he could download it...he didn't say it's gonna take me a while under the false premise that he first had to download the game and then spend further time making the trainer for it whereas in reality he was actually just ripping off your work quick and disguising it as his own to present to me...he just plain couldn't provide one. Why not if he rips all your work 30 minutes after you release it?

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PWizard  posted on Nov 20, 2010 3:41:11 PM - Report post

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Look, we can have this debate all day long and it's not going to change our policies on things. If you don't agree with it, then jump on the h4x0r bandwagon and keep on sailing.
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