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Just something pointless
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    Hikikomori posted on Oct 28, 2010 7:42:39 PM - Report post
    How to fully unintall your AV or spyware or anything like that.

    1st. Close out the program
    2nd. Make sure its not running in the background (most cases it does run in the background after closing it.)
    3rd. Go Control Panel and click on Uninstall a Program.
    4th. Find the program in the list then uninstall it.

    If you having problems of closing the program you will need more info. The easy way to make a program close all the way is by:

    Right click the icon of the program, on the right and side beside your clock. Sometimes you are able to close the program from there has well.

    Or you can try this:

    1st. Find run at the start / icon
    2nd. type: msconfig "enter"
    3rd. Click on Startup tab
    4th. Go ahead uncheck everything or just find your program and uncheck it. Then apply then ok then restart your computer. (This will make the program not run at startup when your computer first start up.) It will allow you uninstall the program.

    This just some ways to help people with there computers. Just let people know IF I mean IF you have Norton. It was already on your computer and you installed it. I am sorry that is hard to get off fully.

    If you dont understand this well I failed in english and any type of writing skills in school. Be happy that some people able to read it. Anywho I got to run and play StarCraft II still trying get ban on single player mode.....

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