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Weapon Mode Console Commands?
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    Send a message to RUNICBLOOD
    RUNICBLOOD posted on Oct 25, 2010 5:55:12 PM - Report post
    Anyone have a list of the weapon modifications for the console commands?

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    Send a message to Dryden
    Dryden posted on Oct 26, 2010 12:36:01 AM - Report post
    Submitted a file for it, we'll see if cheathappens accepts it.
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    Send a message to RUNICBLOOD
    RUNICBLOOD posted on Oct 26, 2010 8:51:54 PM - Report post
    I hope so. Any chance that I could get it from you if they don't?
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    Send a message to nkh
    nkh posted on Oct 26, 2010 10:11:36 PM - Report post
    If you don´t have them yet her they are

    player.additem 00147620 ( 12,7 Pistol Silencer)

    player.additem 001476b0 (12,7 Submachine Gun Silencer)

    player.additem 00129878 (10 mm Pistol Silencer)

    player.additem 0010b968 (9 mm SMG Light Bolt)

    player.additem 0010c1ad (Fat Man Little Boy Kit)

    player.additem 0010c850 (SVC. Rifle Upgraded Springs)

    player.additem 0010c851 (SVC. Rifle Forged Recever)

    player.additem 0010c852 (Light MG Expanded Drums)

    player.additem 0010c854 (Laser RCW Recyler)

    player.additem 0010c855 (Plasma Caster HS Electrode)

    player.additem 0010c856 (Granade Rifle Long Barrel)

    player.additem 0010c857 (Grenade MG High-Speed Kit)

    player.additem 0010c858 (10 mm Pistol Extended Mags.)

    player.additem 0010c859 (10 mm Pistol Laser Sight)

    player.additem 0010c85b (44 Revolver Scope)

    player.additem 0010c85c (44 Revolcer Heavy Freme)

    player.additem 0010c85d (10 mm SMG Extended Mags.)

    player.additem 0010c85e (10 mm SMG Recoil Comp.)

    player.additem 0010c85f (Flamer Exdended Tanks)

    player.additem 0010c860 (Hunting Rifle Scope)

    player.additem 0010c861 (Hunting Rifle Costom Action)

    player.additem 0010c862 (Hunting Rifle Extended Mags.)

    player.additem 0010c863 (Assault Carbine Extended Mags.)

    player.additem 0010c864 (Sniper Rifle Suppressor)

    player.additem 0010c865 (Sniper Rifle Carbon Fiber Parts)

    player.additem 0010c866 (Minigun Damped Subfreme)

    player.additem 0010c867 (Minigun High-Speed Motor)

    player.additem 0010c868 (Laser Rifle Scope)

    player.additem 0010c869 (Laser Rifle Focus Optics)

    player.additem 0010c86a (Laser Rifle Beam Splitter)

    player.additem 0010c86b (Plasma Rifle Mag. Accelerator)

    player.additem 0010c86c (Gat. Laser Focus Optics)

    player.additem 0010c86d (Gat. Laser CF Freme)

    player.additem 0010c86e (Miss. Launcher Guidance Sys.)

    player.additem 0010c86f (Sil. 22 SMG Exp. Drums)

    player.additem 000eea70 (Trail Carbine Scope)

    player.additem 000eea72 (Brush Gun Forged Receiver)

    player.additem 000eed39 (Cby. Rep. Costom Action)

    player.additem 000eed3a (Cby. Rep. Long Tube)

    player.additem 000eed3b (Cby. Rep. Maple Stock)

    player.additem 000eed3c (9 mm Pistol Scope)

    player.additem 000eed3d (9 mm Pistol Extended Mags.)

    player.additem 000eeed7 (Varmint Rifle Silencer)

    player.additem 000eeed8 (Varmint Rifle Extended Mags.)

    player.additem 000eeed9 (357 Revolver HD Sylinder)

    player.additem 000eeeda (357 Revolver Long Barrel)

    player.additem 000eeedb (Varmint Rifle Night Scope)

    player.additem 000f0fe8 (Hunting Shotgun Long Tube)

    player.additem 000f0fe9 (Hunting Shotgun Choke)

    player.additem 000f18fc (9 mm SMG Drums)
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    Send a message to Borg_Overmind
    Borg_Overmind posted on Oct 31, 2010 1:07:15 AM - Report post
    Good to be confirmed.
    I did not use them but I had them and the list seems to be the same.
    Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.
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