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Since all missions for one character wont be accessable at once, make sure to not read ahead since this will probably spoil the story for you. When you see NOTE! it mean the missions after that will not be available until you have completed some other missions.

After the intro movie you are left standing beside a BMX bike. Grab the bike and head to the CJ icon on your map. WEalk into the red marker.

1. Big Smoke
Unlock: -
Reward: -

Just watch the cutscene with Big Smoke then go out and get into the car.

2. Sweet and Kendl
Unlock: Ryder Missions
Reward: -

After the cutscene, get on the BMX and follow Sweet. Stay away from the Ballas. After another cutscene you follow Ryder instead. Just stay away from the Ballas until you get back to the hood and the mission is completed.


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