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1. Learning to Fly
Unlock: Casino Missions, Gambling in the Casinos, Bike School
Reward: Respect +

Complete the Pilot School to unlock the rest of the Airstrip Missions.

2. N.O.E
Unlock: -
Reward: $15.000

Get in the plane and take off. You now have to fly to the drop-off point and you have to stay below the radar to avoid being detected. You will hear a warning signal if you fly above and a meter will rise. Dont let it go all the way up. Fly through the canyon, above the water until you get to the San Fierro airport. Then go straight until you get to the next canyon. Continue to the drop-off point and fly through the red corona. Fly back to same way and land on the abandoned airstrip to complete the mission.

3. Stowaway
Unlock: -
Reward: $20.000

Get on your bike and go after the airplane. Avoid being hit by the falling crates, then drive up the back ramp of the plane. Once you are onboard, make your way up the corridor without getting hit by the rolling barrels. Use your fists to kill the guards on the way, you can blow up the plane if you shoot in here. When you get to the front of the plane, pick up the parachute, throw the satchel charge and run to the back and jump off the ramp.

4. Black Project
Unlock: -
Reward: -

Warch the cutscene. Now you have to make your way to the control tower while avoiding getting seen by the guards or walking through the searchlights. Get up in the first tower. Watch out for the guard halfway up. Now, from the top, you can shoot the guards in the other towers and the ones patroling using your sniper rifle. You can also shoot out the searchlights but not too many or the alarm will go off. When you get to the control tower, the blast doors will open. If you are being detected, you have to get inside through a vent instead. When you get inside make you way to the control room to shut down the SAM site (Surface to Air Missile). When you get to a locked door you need to find a keycard. One of the technicians have it, you can just shoot him to get it. Go through the door and make you way down the launch shaft. Move on down to find the black book, its the jetpack! Put it on and fly out the top of the shaft. Fly back to the airstrip to complete the mission.

5. Green Goo
Unlock: Airstrip as an asset (gives $10.000 per day), Jetpack
Reward: $20.000

Use the jetpack and fly to the train. You can land on the train if you want and shoot all the guards as you make your way across the train looking for the crates or you can fly next to the train and take out all the guards and shoot the crates at the same time. When you find the right crate, pick up the Green Goo and fly back to the airstrip to complete the mission.


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