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1. Mountain Cloud Boys
Unlock: -
Reward: $5000, Respect +

First get armor and guns, then start the mission. Watch the cutscene tehn drive Woozie to the other side of the block. Follow Woozie down the alley. After you have found all the dead gang members you will be attacked by the Vietnamese. Shoot them all and make your way out of there. You can not leave the alley until all the Vietnamese are dead. There will be two cars following you as well. Destroy them then drive Woozie back to his place.

2. Ran Fa Li
Unlock: -
Reward: $6000, Respect +

Drive to the airport to pick up the car. The car is located in the underground garage. Once you get into the car you will find out its a trap. The Da Nang will try to block your exit. Fight your way back to the garage before your damage meter drops to zero.

3. Lure
Unlock: -
Reward: $8000, Respect +

Get into the decou truck and head for the country side. Once you get there you will be attacked by gang members on bikes. Drive through the checkpoints while trying to escape them. If the health bar goes all the way down, you can not let them get up beside you so they can see who is driving. Get to the last checkpoint to complete the mission.

4. Amphibian Assault
Unlock: -
Reward: $11.000

You must have at least some lung capacity to start this mission. if Woozie tells you that you dont ahve enough, go jump in the water and dive around for a while. When the mission starts, drive to the docks. Swim out to the tanker. On your way you will have to dive through some checkpoints and dive after a knife on the sea bottom. There will be patrol boats that can spot you, if they do you have to dive to get away. You can go up for air if you dont move once you reach the surface, then they wont see you. Get up on the ladder at the tanker. Stealthkill the guard standing by the container. Try to sneak your way to the inside of the tanker to plant the bug, then get out and swim back to the docks to complete the mission.

5. The Da Nang Thang
Unlock: -
Reward: $15.000, Respect

First get armor before you start the mission. After the cutscene you find yourself at a minigun in the chopper. When you reach the tanker, try to kill as many guards as you can since you will come this way later. At the other side of the ship your chopper will get shot down and you will be left with nothing but your knife. Climb on the tanker and stealth kill as many guards as you can, working you way down insiede the tanker. When you get inside, kill all the guards. Shoot the lock to the container to release the refugees. Follow them up on the ship and get away in one of their boats to complete the mission.


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