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Note. You will get four initial missions to do for Catalina. It doesnt matter which one you choose to do first, but you have to complete the Body Harvest mission for The Truth and the King in Exile mission for Cesar before you can do the remaining three.

1. Tanker Commander
Unlock: The Trucking Missions
Reward: $5000

Get into the tanker and get the trailer hooked up. Now drive the truck to the dot on the map while being chased by the gas station workers. Make sure your health bar doesnt go down or that the trailer disconnects.

2. Against All Odds
Unlock: -
Reward: $2000

Go into the Inside Track Betting Shop. After the cutscene, put the satchel charge at the door and move away. Select the trigger then blow the charge. Do the same with the safe inside. When you get out you will have a four star wanted level. Drive to the nearest Pay'n'Spray then drive Catalina back to her place.

3. Small Town Bank
Unlock: -
Reward: $10.000

When you get to the town, first go to the Ammu-Nation and pick up armor and guns. Then start the mission. When the alarm goeas off, shoot the three ATMs in the bank and pick up the money. Then follow Catalina out through the back door. Shoot all the cops and move down the alley. Shoot the two cops who came on bikes then get on a bike and follow Catalina. Two other bikes will follow Catalina. Just keep up and the two cops will eventually crash. After a while you end up in a road block. Get of your bike and help Catalina. Then drive back to her place to complete the mission.

4. Local Liquor Store
Unlock: -
Reward: $1000

After the cutscene you have to follow the three ramining guys on quad bikes while Catalina shoots at them. When you kill one you have to pick up his briefcase, then continue after the others. When you have killed all three you take Catalina back to her place.


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