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1. Body Harvest
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect +

Get a car or a bike and drive to the dot on your map. Enter the red marker. Now drive all the way around the farm to avoid the survivalists. Get out in the field and steal the combine harvester. Drive through the farm and run over anyone who stands in the way. Drive to the new dot on your map and park the harvester in the red marker to complete the mission.

You have to complete the Cesar mission Farewell My Love to unlock this mission.

2. Are you going to San Fierro
Unlock: CJ Missions
Reward: Respect +

Drive to the dot on your map. Enter the red marker and watch the cutscene. Now help The Truth burn down the weed plants before the timer runs out. When all the plants are burnt go to The Truth's van. Use the rocket launcher and shoot down the police helicopter. Then drive to your new garage in San Fierro.


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