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1. High Stakes, Low Rider
Unlock: -
Reward: $1000

Get a lowrider and enter the race. Finish in first place to complete the mission.

2. King in Exile
Unlock: More Catalina Missions
Reward: -

Not really a mission, just a cutscene. Catalina will call you on the cellphone after this mission.

3. Wu Zi Mu
Unlock: -
Reward: $5000

Finish 1st in the race to complete the mission.

You have to complete the Catalina missions and The Truth mission Body Harvest to unlock this mission.

4. Farewell, My Love
Unlock: More The Truth Missions
Reward: The deed to the garage in San Fierro.

Finish 1st in the race to complete the mission.

You have to complete the Driving School and the Triad mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom to unlock the following missions.

5. Zeroing In
Unlock: San Fierro Mod Garage
Reward: $5000, Respect +

You have to follow the signal of a woman's cellphone while she drives around in San Fierro. The signal get weaker so you have to hurry to the point it was last picked up. When you ge there you will get a new signal. When you get close to her you have to use the P.I.T. teqnique (you learned that in the Driving School) to stop her car. Steal the car and take it back to the garage.

6. Test Drive
Unlock: -
Reward: $5000, Respect +

Drive to the dot on your map. When you get to a showroom a cutscene will start. After the cutscene you have to follow Cesar when he drives around town for a while. You will also have a wanted level so cops will follow you as well. After a while you drive back to the garage to complete the mission.

7. Customs Fast Track
Unlock: Import/Export crane
Reward: $10.000, Respect +

Make sure you have guns before you start this mission as it will be a lot easier to complete it. Get into the car with Cesar and drive to the docks. Drive to the big yellow crane, get out of your car and walk into the red marker. Press Triangle to get into the crane. Now move the crane using the Left Analog stick and pick up one of the three containers on the ship. Swing the crane to your right and put down the container in the red marker. Make sure its all the way down before you release it as it will explode if its in the air. Do the same with the other two containers. After the third one, a car will arrive with gang members in it. You can pick up the car and drop it on them to kill them but it is much easier to get out if the crane (press Triangle) and shoot them. There will come two more waves of gang members. After that, get into the car and drive back to the garage.

8. Puncture Wounds
Unlock: Wang Cars as an asset (gives $8000 per day)
Reward: $5000, Respect +

Get into the car and find the other car, marked with a red dot on your map. When you reach it, get in front of it then release the stingers to blow out its tire. Get out and steal the car. After you've repaired the wheels, get back to your garage to complete the mission.


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