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1. Ryder
Unlock: Barber shops, Food places, Tatoo Parlors, Sweet Missions
Reward: Respect +

Drive Ryder to Well Stacked Pizzas. Go get a haircut across the street. Then go into the pizza place and order a pizza. While you eat, Ryder will rob the store. Get into the car with Ryder and drive back to the hood.

2. Home Invasion
Unlock: Burglary Truck
Reward: Respect +

Drive to the dot on your map. This marks the house you are about to rob. After the cutscene, enter the house. Crouthing make it easier to sneak inside the house. Find the first crate to your right behind the canon. Take it out to the truck. There is another crate in the stairs and one in the hallway above the stairs. you only need three to complete the mission. When you have loaded as many crates as you like, get into the van and drive to the storage garage.

3. Catalyst
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect

Get into the car and drive to the dot on your map. Kill all the Vagos, then kill all the Ballas that show up as well. Walk into the red marker to get on the train. When the train starts to move you have to throw boxes to Ryder in the following car. When you have ehough crates, drive to a Pay'n'Spray to get rid of the cops, the drive back to the hood to complete the mission.

4. Robbing Uncle Sam
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect

Get into the truck with Ryder. Then get a gun if you dont have any. Drive to the National Guard and stop in the red marker. After the cutscene, go over by the gate and climb up on the wall. Aim at the guard by the gate and kill him, jump down from the wall and shoot the security panel to open the gate. Kill the two guards in the yard and shoot the other panel. Now quickly run inside and kill the two guards then get into the forklift. Now you have to load the six boxes into the truck while Ryder shoots the guards. There are four boxes in the warehouse and two just outside. If you have to you can help Ryder shoot the guards but you dont have a lot of time to load the boxes. After that, drive back to Emmet while trowing boxes at the guards that follow you in their cars.

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