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1. Monster
Unlock: -
Reward: Maximum of $5000, depends on how fast you complete

After the cutscene, get in the Monster Truck and start a 35 point checkpoint race. You have to complete in 6.30 minnutes or less.

2. Highjack
Unlock: -
Reward: $7000

Get on the bike. Take a look at the map to find the fasterst way to get on the freeway. When you've reached the tanker you have to match your speed with the truck and pull up beside the front door so that Cesar can jump over and hijack the truck. When it stops, get off your bike and get into the truck. Now drive it to your garage in San Fierro to complete the mission.

3. Interdiction
Unlock: Illegal Street Races
Reward: $1000

Get into the BF Injection adn drive to the dot on your radar. When you get there, pick up the rocket launcher and select a vehicle. Drive to the drop zone and wait. When the helicopter arrives it will be followed by acency helicopters. Use the rocket launcher to shoot down all the agency helicopters, if you dshott them down before they land you wont have to deal with agents on foot. When all the choppers are destroyed, your contact helicopter will fly away and drop the package. Get back into your vehicle and drive to the drop location. Pick up the package then drive back to the hideout.

4. Verdant Meadows
Unlock: Airstrip is available to purchase, Pilot school (once airstrip is purchased)
Reward: -

Just drive to the abandoned airstrip and purchase it to complete this mission.


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