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1. Air Raid
Unlock: -
Reward: $3000

Follow Zero to the roof. Now you have to shoot down all the attacking RC planes so they cant bomb Zero's transmitters. You need to have at least on transmitted left when the time runs out.

2. Supply Lines
Unlock: -
Reward: $5000

You have to fly an RC Baron and shoot down five Berkley couriers. Two on bikes and three in vans. You have to kill them all and return to Zero's roof before the fuel runs out.

3. New Model Army
Unlock: Zero's RC Store as an asset which will give you $5000 per day.
Reward: $7000

You have to fly a Goblin RC and help Zero's RC Bandit get to Berkley. You have to pick up barrels that cross the way, take out tanks with bombs and put planks across gaps to get the Bandit to its goal.


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