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1. Wear Flowers in Your Hair
Unlock: Zero Missions (after you buy his property)
Reward: -

After the cutscene you have to drive and pick up Jethro. When you get there, press L3 to make him get into the car. Now drive to the hospital in Santa Flora. Park in the red marker and wait. Now go talk to Dwayne, then drive to the police station and park in the red marker. Then drive to Zero's RC Shop and talk to Zero. Head back to the garage and watch a cutscene.

2. Deconstruction
Unlock: Driving School, Triad Missions
Reward: -

Watch the cutscene. Walk up to the constuction yard and get into the Dozer. Now run over all the portable barracks, be careful with the ones that has gas tanks that will blow up if you hit over them. When all the portables are destroyed, run over the toilet with the foreman in it and push it down the hole behind it. Get out of the Dozer and into the Cement Truck. Back up the truck in the red marker and a cutscene will start.

You have to complete the Casino mission A Home in the Hills to unlock the next missions.

3. Vertical Bird
Unlock: Hydra Jet
Reward: $50.000

After the cutscenes you end up standing by a boat. Get on the boat and get to the military ship at the naval base. When you reach the back of the ship, stop the boat before you go round the corner, get out and swim inside the back of the ship or you will alert the guards. Sneak up the ramp and wait for the guards to walk away. Climp the boxes to the right of the room and watch out for the service worked in the forklift. If he spots you he will start the alarm. Go up the stairs straight ahead and into the next room. There is a service worker in the left room. And a guard will come in front of you. If you can, stealthkill them but if the alarm goes off it really doesnt matter since there arent very many guards anyway. Get inside the control room and shut down the SAM sites. Now get over to the Hydra Jets. Destroy the one parked outside by the edge of the ship, and the one inside. This will help you when you take off since there will only be one plane chasing you instead of three. Now get inside the jet parked on the platform and take off. Take out the jet chasing you. Target by holding the R1 button until the target locks on and gets red, then fire with L1. Now fly to the yellow dots on your map and destroy the spy ships. When they are all destroyed, fly to the abandoned airfield and land the plane. Park it inside the hangar to complete the mission. The Hydra will now show up inside this hangar in the future.

4. Home Coming
Unlock: More Sweet Missions
Reward: Respect +

Drive to the dot on your map to pick up Sweet. After the cutscene, head over to the red dots on your map and kill all the drug dealers. Now provoke a gang war with the Ballas by killing 3-4 of them. Win the gang war and take over the Grove again to complete the mission.

5. Cut Throat Business
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect +

Get into the car with Madd Dogg. Drive to the dot on your map where OG Loc is shooting av ideo. OG will take of in a hovercraft! Get into the other hovercraft and chase him. You cant kill him so just try to keep up with him. After a while you end up on the pier where OG get into a go-cart. Get into the other go-kart and keep following him. When you reach his studio a cutscene will start and the mission is complete.

You have to complete the Sweet mission Grove 4 Life to unlock the next mission. Also, before you start the Riot mission try to take over at least 35% of the Los Santos territories since it will he a lot harder once the riot has started.

6. Riot
Unlock: Final Sweet Mission End of the Line
Reward: Respect +

Get into a car and drive back to the Grove and enter the red marker to complete the mission. A riot has started all over the city so it wont be as easy as before to drive in the streets.


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